Roofing ConsultantsStructural engineers and roofing experts play a vital role in the construction industry. A viable structural engineer is knowledgeable in all types of architectural design implementations and can offer the help you need to ensure the structural soundness of a building or design.

A structural engineering professional will evaluate the impending behavior of a particular building under the influence of forces including gravity, wind and acclimatized pressures. The specialists will also assess the safety of a structure when exposed to such factors.

Specific Functions of Structural Engineering Experts

  • Checking Architectural Configurations – The architectural configuration of every structure should always be symmetrical and proportionate. A structural engineering specialist puts architectural configuration on the forefront of development in order for the design to be unconditionally sound. The symmetry of a structure is an indication of its stability and balance. Various symmetrical elements contribute to harmony and order in a space, thus a structural engineer can help you understand how asymmetry affects the longevity of a building.
  • Finalizing Structural Systems – When you hire an engineer, they will help to finalize the ideal structural system for your building. Then the engineers consider both a budget and availability of construction materials. A viable structural system comprises an assembly of physical elements applied to a building so they can adequately and consistently support presumed loads.
  • The Location of Expansion Joints – Expansion joints are used to overcome the effect of an earthquake or less invasive movements on a daily basis. The joints are designed to absorb any vibrations that may result from natural disasters and impending activities. Expansion joints are also employed to increase assurance that a particular structure can withstand any temperature variations and facilitate movements without cracks or breakages. A structural engineering expert will have advanced knowledge in reference to identifying the ideal location of expansion joints to safeguard a structure from future damage.
  • Preparing Structural Framing Plans – The structural engineering experts from McNeil Engineering meticulously prepare the framing plans for both gravity and horizontal loads to ensure that a structure is built according to the required standards. Structural framing plans specify the location of elements such as doors and windows.
  • Structural Analysis and Design – A structural engineer will choose the ideal construction materials for a building or outdoor project. The choice of the materials will variably depend on the architectural configuration and other previously detailed considerations. The engineers will also need to determine the forces acting on a building.

Hiring a Structural Engineering Expert

Evaluate the level of experience and qualifications of an engineer before hiring them. Take time to research the engineer’s recent projects and dive deep into the quality of their services. Look for references to understand how a structural engineer handles their clients.

Another important consideration when looking for a professional structural engineer is their licensing and certifications. Ensure that the experts have the required licenses and certifications from relevant bodies. The cost of services is also vital when considering the structural engineering expert to hire for your project. However, the cost should not be the only consideration. Some engineers may offer substandard work at lower prices.

But Do I Need a Roofing Consultant too? After All of That?

At the expense of sounding blatantly obvious – a roof is an integral piece of a building’s structural design.

Our roofing consultations drive specializations in the following areas:

  • New Roof System Designs and Construction Oversight
  • Design and Construction Oversight for Replacement of Existing Roof Systems
  • Roof Overbuild Design
  • Existing Roof Condition Analysis
  • Project Scoping and Opinion of Probable Costs
  • Recommendations and Instruction for Roof Systems Maintenance
  • Humidity / Condensation Analysis

Our consultants with McNeil Engineering have acquired many years of experience in the industry and provide comprehensive insights that fit your need for your specific project. When hiring a roofing consultant from any company, ensure that they adhere to and observe all required safety roofing standards.

Roofing consultants have up-to-date information about different roofing options acquired in an ever-evolving construction design industry. Check the level of education and certifications to ensure they adhere to the required roofing codes. It’s important to note, roofing consultants who attend continuing education seminars and other educational forums remain compliant in all projects. By attending live forums and relevant conferences, the consultant is exposed to progressive trends relating to different products and technology created for roofing integration.

If you have any further questions regarding your structural configuration or building in need of an updated roofing design, reach out to us today.

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