McNeil Engineering Roofing ConsultingAre you ready for the coming winter weather? Or, to be more to the point, is your roof ready to handle wet weather, including rain, snow, and ice? If your answer is “I’m not sure” then now is as good a time as any to talk with a roofing consulting expert.

Most people are under the misconception that winter weather is a no-go for roofing consulting, repair, or installation. But that misconception is not only wrong headed, it’s a good way to get in over your head with issues that get worse than they would be with just a little prevention. A call to a roofing consulting expert is a good plan, if you have any concerns. It will ultimately save you time and money.

Yes, the best time to replace a roof is during the dryer months of March through October. But you CAN work on a roof in colder, wetter weather. What you can and can’t do will depend on the materials used on your roof, the temperature, and whether you’re going for a redesign, repair or new installation. A roofing consulting expert will help you know for sure, and save you the trouble of having to put a tarp over any damage.

If you have concerns, need a consultation after years of neglect, or are seeing water damage and want advice, check out this list of what a roofing consulting team can do for you.

What a roofing consulting expert can do for you in the winter months

  1. Make maintenance recommendations. Our team will take a look at your roof and create a plan to help you ward off damage through a complete prevention plan.
  2. Do a condensation and humidity analysis. If you’re seeing water, or just have suspicions that water is there, you can’t afford to wait to have an analysis done. A comprehensive review will help you make good decisions that preserves both your existing roof structure, and the interior of your building — along with protecting contents that might be vulnerable to water damage.
  3. Check for structural integrity, and look for any damage or weak points. If it’s been a while since you had your roof repaired, looked at, or even maintained properly, then you’ll want our roofing consulting team to take a closer look at the roof.
  4. Provide project scoping, and work with you to determine a plan of action within a budget. We can help you make good decisions by laying out what’s needed, and helping you to work within your budget. Our team of experts is skilled at solving problems within a budget for the project.
  5. Design and/or construct a repair or replacement for existing damage. If you already have known damage to the structure of your roof, we’re your team for repairs and replacement.
  6. Design a brand new roofing system, for an existing building or new project. Are you looking to update a building, or working with brand new construction? We can provide the tools you need to move forward with the best possible system to withstand the elements.

Does this sound like something you’re in need of? Whether you’re working on a private residence, commercial construction, public properties, religious organizations, or have a historic preservation project, our skilled team can provide the expertise and services you need.

We can help during the winter months! Give us a call if we can help you with a project.