Landscape WaterIf your business landscaping features a lawn, trees, bushes, or flower beds, you’re probably spending quite a bit of money watering and maintaining them.

Sadly, the EPA estimates nearly 50% of the water utilized for these processes goes to waste. Yes, you read that correctly: 50%.

What if there was a way to not only cut back on water costs but use those hard earned dollars you’re letting leak into the ground for something like customer outreach, or beneficial business technologies?.

A landscaping overhaul is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do just that.

Here are three reasons you should consider desert landscaping at your business:

Lower Maintenance Costs. Paying for regular lawn care and maintenance isn’t cheap. First, you have to find the right company. Then there’s investing in a weekly care schedule, not to mention repair costs that may come up due to sprinkler heads being hit by mowers, pest control if water isn’t drained properly, and damage to your walkways and parking lots due to water erosion.

Replacing your lawn with rock features, succulents, and gravel or mulch prevents the need for any of this to take place.

Water savings. Desert landscaping utilizes plants and materials that don’t require regular pruning or water. Like the desert itself, cacti and other succulents only require water on occasion, plus they take months or years to fully develop even under the best conditions. That means you can water once a month instead of five or more times a week.

Attractive no matter what the weather does. Come July and August, your lawn and plants start looking pretty drab, right? With desert landscaping, your plants and features stay attractive and healthy no matter what Mother Nature decides to do. Rain or shine, the front of your building is going to look great. That means no scaring customers away with dead patches of grass or sickly trees withering away under the sun’s heat.

If you’re looking to save money, upgrade your facilities look, and conserve water all at the same time it’s time to think about the benefits of desert landscaping. Want to get started? Contact us today at (801) 255-7700