McNeil Civil Engineering and Landscape Architecture projects: Alta View Hospital

McNeil Civil Engineers UtahDo you have a large construction or renovation project coming up? Are you looking for a trusted and capable engineering team you can have confidence in? McNeil Civil Engineering offers architectural landscaping design services and more. If your public or private organization has a large project involving landscaping on a large scale, McNeil can get the job done with streamlined efficiency.

McNeil was the chosen architectural landscaping team for Alta Vista Hospital’s massive renovation project over the last several years. Our dedicated team helped the hospital with the large-scale architectural landscaping for a new entry road and main campus signage. Ensuring that you partner with a solutions-driven team will allow for a customized approach to project optimization. Alta View Hospital is just one of these examples. The generalized case study is as follows:

Alta View Hospital renovations: Big projects, bid needs

Alta Vista Hospital’s chosen contractor reached out to McNeil Engineering in 2014 about a large renovation project, which would include landscaping architecture on an enormous scale. While there was much work done on the buildings, themselves, there was exponentially more to be implemented with the exterior of the property.

A Salt Lake City based architectural firm, NJRA Architects, was heading the large-scale renovation for the Intermountain Healthcare Alta View Hospital site and landscape remodel project. NJRA reached out to McNeil Engineering to cover the architectural landscape needs for this expansive endeavor. The hospital is located at the corner of 1300 East and 9400 South in Sandy, Utah.

This project is a large-scale remodeling project that would be completed over the course of several years, collectively integrating multiple phases.

Phase 1 included relocation of the main entry road onto the hospital’s campus. It transformed the lot that was filled with weeds on the campus’s west side into a beautiful new approach road. This phase of the project added parking spaces and made way for service and building expansion. It also provided for added beauty within the community with McNeil’s landscape architects on the project.

This project would not only need to support Alta Vista’s growing needs, but also bring pleasant aesthetics to the hospital’s exterior. This is where we came in. McNeil landscape architects worked closely with NJRA to develop the concepts to comprehensively carry out these projects.

McNeil’s commercial landscape architects working with you

The architectural landscaping and primary monument signage feature for the campus were carefully considered, planned, and carried out by our architects. In addition to these major projects, concepts for the steep hillside along 1300 East were developed. This would include ideas to set the tone and character for any of Alta Vista’s future expansions.

In order to help the client visualize this large endeavor, McNeil landscape architects provided illustrated renderings and computer aided 3 dimensional graphics. Careful consideration and adequate due diligence were put into every step of the planning. Aesthetics are a main consideration, including the proposed plant palette, color, and texture.

Another careful consideration made by McNeil’s dedicated landscape architects was the irrigation equipment used for the chosen plant palette. The research and effort that were implemented in this component of the project will work to conserve water and help to reduce maintenance. It will also support vibrant seasonal color and texture, providing the landscaping with the right amount of water to thrive.

If you would like to learn more about this project in particular or view illustrated renderings of the architectural landscape project at Alta View, please click here.

McNeil Engineering: Civil engineering and site engineering design services

McNeil Engineering’s provisions far exceed the general scope of practice utilized in the case study outlined above. The following is a bird’s eye overview of our solutions-first service offerings:

  • Civil engineering: civil engineering and site engineering design services for public and private projects
  • Structural engineering: diversified and professional structural engineers with many years of service in analysis, design, and drawing production
  • Laser scanning and land surveying: conventional surveying services like ALTA and ACSM, boundary and topographic surveys, construction staking, and more
  • Landscape architecture: public and private landscape architecture and site design
  • Roofing/paving consulting and BIM: sustainable planning and design solutions for roofing, paving, construction administration, and BIM

McNeil Engineering has been providing design solutions to clients for over 30 years. We are a trusted name in the business with completed projects that display the integrity of our dedicated team. Please feel free to reach out to us during any stage of your construction/renovation projects.

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