Sustainable LandscapeBeing economically sensitive and comprehensively coherent around the eco-friendly initiatives is highly prevalent in today’s discussion around sustainable landscape architecture. The overall sustainability of a design is as important as the aesthetics, if not more.

What does this mean for the landscape architecture industry as a whole? Rapid adaptability and increased awareness in order to develop and create innovative strategies to be immediately integrated into the world of design regarding both residential and commercial landscapes.

Benefits of sustainable landscape architecture

While the balance of sustainable integrations versus unsustainable landscaping is bias and disproportionate, for obvious reasons, still, we must continue to push the ecological envelope. Continuing to evolve and progressive in an environmentally adaptive manner will only increase the awareness regarding the importance of investing in sustainable landscape architecture.

The long-term benefits directly affecting the environment are highly invested, but the short-term, more immediate benefits are equally as attractive.

  • Less comprehensive water waste: Programming your night sprinklers is a thing of the past with sustainable landscaping. The whole model of this progressive architecture takes local rain levels and forecasted precipitation and adapts the design around the rain. This allows for an optimized and efficient watering system.
  • Say bye to detrimental chemicals and harmful pesticides: But how can you possibly grow a garden without keeping the bugs away? Simple. Plant trees and shrubbery native to the local environment. When you do this, the plant is already equipped with a natural defense to the pests and bugs it will encounter throughout the year.
  • How does saving money sound to you? We would say that having more dollars in your pocket at the end of the year counts as a massive benefit to investing in sustainable landscapes. Sustainable at the core means to thrive without need for meticulous detail. One that adapts and grows naturally year over year.

Sustainability comes with win / win benefits. Save money and save time all while collectively saving the earth.

How to create sustainable landscapes

While the idea of sustainable landscaping has proven to be a bit of a redundant idiosyncrasy within the landscaping architectural community, the fact of the matter is that it is all easier than it initially seems during preemptive discussions.

The key to sustainability is creativity. Be resourceful in your design and continue to think critically.

  • Utilize broken brick, rocks, chunks of metal, wood, etc. to reconstruct walkways, sideways, or garden patios.
  • Do you have a spot by your house or in your yard where rainwater has an obvious tendency to puddle up? Perfect! Now all you need is a potted plant. Place the plant in the spot of the puddle. Now you will know for sure it will harness the rain next time. Waste not, want not. Right? Sustainability 101.
  • Allow for nature to help you. By providing baths, feeders, and nesting opportunities for birds and other forms of wildlife, you essentially allow for the animals to do the gardening work for you. We are not necessarily recommending you transform your backyard into a jungle, unless you are into that type of thing…
  • As alluded to above, plant indigenous plants to save on pesticides, water, and gardening fertilizers.

Our landscaping architecture team at McNeil Engineering understands that a sustainable project of any size can seem daunting at first. We help local communities and municipalities navigate the complexities of landscape architecture while streamlining the implementation process.

McNeil landscape architecture service offerings

We work with clients from both the public and private sectors to ensure the creative vision and technical application of the project is completed with sustainable design solutions.

Current landscape architecture services include:

  • Site Design
  • Master Planning
  • Irrigation Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Plaza and Paving Design
  • Grading and Drainage Plans
  • Site and Landscape Remodel
  • Cost Estimating and Budgeting
  • Construction Administration
  • Permitting and City Approvals
  • Illustrative and Graphic Design
  • Signage and Gateway Design

Contact one of our professionals today if you have any questions involving the sustainability of your current landscape or are interested in implementing a redesign.


Sustainability is irrefutably the future of landscape architecture and encompassing industry design across all sectors. Taking pride in your individualized pollution and having the desire to reduce your footprint is a start in the right direction. We will work with you to not only create environmentally friendly and sustainable designs, but we will ensure the aesthetic component is present as well.

A beautiful landscape that warrants little to zero maintenance you say? Yes, please. Sign us up!

The return on a sustainable landscaping project will send back more than just money in the long-term, it will also increase the quality and longevity of the property as a collective whole.

Reach out to our Principal Landscape Architect, Scott Schoonover, PLA, ASLA today, at (801) 255-7700 x152 or email at

We look forward to working with you on your next creative, sustainable project!