landscape architectureLately, there has been an enormous evolution in the architecture industry in terms of designs and architectural methods. The designers and the architects are creatively progressing towards new trends and ideas every day and combining it with art and making it functional. The best part about working on new architectural designs and trends is that there are no set rules through implementation in architectural landscaping. So, let’s get creative!

Creative Shelter Designs

We have been privy to some ubiquitous and old school bus stations and shelters that are, well, shall we say less than desirable. There has been an evolution in the shelter design sector. Say so long to dirty and dated buses and abandoned cargo containers. Instead, make way for immaculate and aesthetically pleasing homes. These overhead shelters provide more space for standing, with upgraded seating spaces as well. Designs also utilize recessed lighting, which increases safety at nighttime.

The innovation of best landscape architectural design has enhanced the tiny home industry and helped make cluttered bus stations the new neighborhood envy. This new evolution has attracted growing interest in the construction and the public sectors.

Outdoor living spaces

One of our favorite trends of the year – bringing the indoors, outdoors. This trend is helping individuals living in areas with a warmer climate, and is especially beneficial for better aeration and living in a tropical environment.

Outdoor living spaces are helping homeowners sit and relax outside of their home just as comfortably as they normally would inside. These outdoor spaces are better in conserving energy while simultaneously cooling down your house. The open areas have a better airflow, thus reducing humidity levels. Throw in an outdoor kitchen and watch as your entertainment game spikes tenfold!

Built-in hot tubs

Hot tubs have always been a trend, but this version takes the environmental consciousness to a whole other level. Integrating hot tubs into natural landscape designs and architectural build outs are increasing in popularity on a near daily basis. People are loving this landscape design trend and continue to integrate these hot tubs in their backyards or patios.

Disclaimer: you will need to think through water management by way of a drainage system. Make sure the water is not standing our surrounding the patio or landscape as this might damage the hot tub and surrounding areas over time.

Fresh green spaces

The addition of green spaces and a new environment has been a top priority in 2020. People, and especially landscape architects, are working on the acquisition and implementation of green and fresh spaces full of natural vegetation. Let’s be honest, this is an advantage for both people and the environment that combines a great designed and architectural space with an incredible design.

Purposefully structured spaces with more fresh and green areas will always be a valuable addition to any landscape.

It not only elevates the appearance of your building or project epicenter, but provides an efficient way to produce more fresh oxygen. We can all agree that well-structured and well-kempt lawns increase curb appeal with minimal effort.

Now, landscape architects are focusing attention on expanding more green spaces past the initial imaginative artwork via eco-friendly landscape designs. We recently outlined valuable content around eco-friendly landscapes in a more comprehensive manner. Check it out HERE if you’re at all interested in implementing some environmentally friendly initiatives into your landscape design. We included the vast array of benefits, how-to’s, and a contact list.

POP of color in an open atmosphere

With the innovation in landscape architecture, comes the innovation in public access designs. Outdoor architecture is currently being focused on an overall enhanced landscape view. These architects are building up the seating spaces that are not only great for accommodating more people, but that also enhance aesthetics by using bold colors. These bright colors are a great addition to any outdoor environment. These benches and sitting areas spark and attract people – it’s a win / win!


At McNeil Engineering, we pride ourselves in being industry thought leaders in terms of landscape architecture innovation. “We utilize the latest software and computer-aided technologies for design, project management and cost controlling. With integrated simulations, 3-D imaging, mapping, CAD and Geographic Information Systems, we can illustrate for our client’s precise visual representations of a plan and project features allowing for better cost, scheduling and design decisions.”

Our current service offering list is as follows:

  • Site Design
  • Master Planning
  • Irrigation Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Plaza and Paving Design
  • Grading and Drainage Plans
  • Site and Landscape Remodel
  • Cost Estimating and Budgeting
  • Construction Administration
  • Permitting and City Approvals
  • Illustrative and Graphic Design
  • Signage and Gateway Design

We would love to partner with you on your next big project. If you have any other questions regarding landscape architecture, landscape design, or current trends of the year, please feel free to reach out to us HERE. You can also reach out directly to our Principal Landscape Architect, Scott Schoonover, PLA, ASLA today, at (801) 255-7700 x152 or email at We look forward to chatting with you!