Architectural engineeringWe, the architectural engineering consultation services experts at McNeil Engineering, are known throughout the western region of the United States as the elder statesmen when it comes to either the development or redevelopment of properties. Whether these consultations occur for municipalities, institutions, organizations, and/or businesses within that grand and vast western region of the United States.

Among all those various development and redevelopment projects, we’ve tackled a host of hospitals, hospital properties, and hospital campuses. The job at the Intermountain Healthcare Alta View Hospital was a simple yet satisfying one for us.

Intermountain Healthcare Alta View Hospital

The Intermountain Healthcare Alta View Hospital site and landscape remodel project began, at least for us, when we were commissioned by NJRA Architects as the architectural engineering consulting firm for the project. The project was first envisioned all the way back in 2014.

The Intermountain Healthcare Alta View Hospital site is a 39-acre campus located at the corner of 1300 East and 9400 South in Sandy, Utah. This magnificent site was at the time in the early stages of a massive, multi-year remodeling project. Phase One of that project involved our architectural engineering consultation services, including civil and/or structural engineering planning and development.

This phase of the remodel project also involved the relocation of the main entry road into the site from 9400 South, which would transform the weed-filled lot west of the campus into a beautiful new approach road to the hospital. Additionally, the project would also add parking spaces and clear the way for building and service expansion, while at the same time, helping to beautify the surrounding neighborhood of Sandy within Salt Lake City, Utah.

How We Did It

Firstly, in collaboration with NJRA Architects, we developed concepts for the new entry road and the primary monument signage feature for the Intermountain Healthcare Alta View Hospital campus. On top of these active development plans, we, the team at NJRA Architects and the staff at Intermountain Healthcare Alta View Hospital, developed concepts for the steep hillside along 1300 East. This would set the tone, character, and aura for future expansions for the hospital campus.

Along with these two teams, we also drew up illustrative renderings, and computer-aided three-dimensional graphics were developed in order to help convey our design intent to the staff at Intermountain Healthcare Alta View Hospital.

We also gave careful consideration to the development of a proposed plant palette and irrigation equipment for the project and campus, in an effort to not only conserve water and help reduce maintenance costs but also to provide seasonal color and texture. We here at McNeil Engineering firmly believe aesthetics and auras within microclimates are a dearly underrated aspect of architectural landscaping and structural engineering.

Finally, in conjunction with NJRA Architects, we completed the design and construction documents for the Intermountain Healthcare Alta View Hospital campus redevelopment project, during the fall of 2014. Construction commenced during the spring of 2015.

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