Landscape ArchitectureWhile we’re best known regionally for our patented architectural engineering consultation services, this is far from the only service we offer at McNeil Engineering. We also provide existing condition reports and recommendations for businesses’ and organizations’ properties.

Every year, McNeil Engineering’s clients – both our newer clients and our existing clients – commission our office to help them when it comes to assessing their existing facilities – such as parking lots.

This could be because they need help when it comes to developing a maintenance budget for their stakeholders for the coming year, or because an existing owner is looking to sell the property. This would mean they are required to provide a due diligence report to their prospective buyer(s).

The nuts and bolts of existing condition reports and recommendations

For the past 30 years, we have been providing existing facilities reports of all types.

A common existing condition reports and recommendations project will involve one of our representatives meeting with the owner and/or on-site maintenance personnel for a property. This is in order for us to be able to get better handling of what they know of the history of their specific property – along with any peculiarities/special treatments necessary for the continued maintenance of the said property.

Following this historical sleuthing, we will then perform an extensive visual inspection of any roofs on the property, parking lots, or other designated areas of concern. This is in order for us to gain our own impressions of the existing conditions of each property. Further investigation may become warranted, in which case, our office has maintained positive relationships with local testing agencies, who are able to provide destructive testing and laboratory investigations.

How we provide such reports and recommendations

Once all pertinent data has been gathered, we would be able to evaluate the existing conditions and offer property stakeholders professional opinions of causes for any deficiencies. We would then offer recommendations for repairing any issues we encountered during our investigation of the property.

Following on from these opinions and recommendations, we would either complete our property reports with rough estimates for probable costs of the repairs or file a report on any further maintenance on the property we may recommend.

Next, our clients make certain development, redevelopment, or sale decisions based on future property maintenance needs or lack thereof. Following the completion of said decisions, our clients will then take whichever actions they feel may be in their best interests.

We here at McNeil engineering aren’t contractors, so our examinations consider what we believe are the actual problems on a property – and solutions to those problems – as opposed to a contractor, who may conveniently argue their contracting firm’s specialization is the solution to any problems discovered during a property assessment.

Looking for existing condition reports and recommendations?

If you are the stakeholder in a business, organization, and/or institution currently looking high and low for a firm to provide you with existing condition reports and recommendations for your business, organization, and/or institutions’ property – you’ve come to the right place!

We here at McNeil Engineering are more than capable of providing you with such sterling existing condition reports and recommendations. You and your organization/institution/business will be more than prepared for whatever sorts of development and/or redevelopment projects you may have planned for such properties down the road.

When the time does eventually arrive for redevelopment and/or development projects to occur on your property, please also consider the additional assistance from our regional experts in landscape architecture. If we’ve already drawn up the existing condition reports and recommendations for your property and your potential redevelopment and development projects on the said property, it’s a no-brainer to continue using McNeil Engineering as a trusted expert resource. We will help you complete your desired results in the cheapest, most elegant, and most ecologically sustainable manner humanly possible. Allow yourself to finally relax in the comfort of knowing your architectural engineering needs are more than taken care of.