For members of certain businesses or institutions, landscape architecture may not be made much of a priority. For certain businesses or institutions, this sort of cold, clinical policy could work, at least for a little while. But an environment without warmth, grasses and trees? These sorts of conditions do not foster a healthy ambiance – either physically or mentally. However, members of other businesses and/or institutions find landscape architecture vital to their operation – and indeed, their future.

Take, for example, colleges and universities. These sorts of institutions have a vital need for landscape architecture, civil, and structural engineering. Without all these vital aspects of landscape expertise, they’d never be warm, welcoming places. Universities and colleges need to be welcoming! How else will they attract, and indeed retain, students and professors? Indeed, they’d be very hard-pressed to do so. This is precisely where landscape architectural firms like McNeil Engineering, in the great state of Utah, come into play.

Weber State University: A very brief introduction

A prime example of McNeil Engineering’s exemplary track record is located within Ogden, Utah itself. Weber State University, which sits on the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains (a western flank of the more famous Rocky Mountains) just outside of Salt Lake City itself, is home to more than 26,000 students. They, along with the faculty guiding them through their vital academic studies, all need to be surrounded by a picturesque campus to encouraging learning and innovation.

Before McNeil Engineering, this was far from the case at Weber State University. Thankfully, however – mercifully – Weber State University, through its Campus Planning & Construction Department, commissioned the architectural landscape consulting services of McNeil Engineering back in the spring of 2013.

University entrances & landscape architecture

The Weber State University Campus Planning & Construction Department initially commissioned McNeil Engineering’s architectural landscape consulting services in connection with the design efforts for a proposed landscape remodel at the north entrance, leading into the Student Services Center (SSC). This is the main entrance to Weber State University as a whole, so it is vital this be attractive, particularly the environment of its landscape architecture, in order to attract new students and faculty, while also instilling a sense of pride, wonder, and awe in the people living and working and learning within Weber State University currently. A university’s entrance sets the tone for the quality image the university strives to portray. It was absolutely essential for this Student Services Center Entrance landscape project to be successful. Of course, this is exactly what it turned out to be! So much so, in fact, that Weber State University’s Campus Planning & Construction Department elected to retain the landscape architectural consulting services of McNeil Engineering for future projects at Weber State University.

Further Structural Engineering Projects at Weber State University

This ongoing partnership, between Weber State University and McNeil Engineering, has led to the remodel of the landscape surrounding the Shepherd Union Building and site and irrigation improvements south of the Science Lab, which included a complete renovation to the main campus pump house and filtration systems.

Other remodels and architecture landscape consulting services performed by McNeil Engineering for Weber State University include the designs for the landscape surrounding the Wattis Business Building and the landscape surrounding Lindquist Plaza. Both these feats of structural and civil engineering were completed over the winter of 2015. McNeil Engineering continues to collaborate with Weber State University on further landscape architecture projects.

A Sustainable Future Learning Environment

For these, and other future landscape architecture remodel and revamp plans, McNeil Engineering continues to be enthusiastic when it comes to the cultivation of sustainable landscape architecture and civil and/or structural engineering practices. Indeed, what would the use of a learning environment such as Weber State University be, if the landscape which surrounds its property, were not sustainable?

With this prominent vision in mind during their time as landscape architectural consultant on projects in and around the Weber State University campus, McNeil Engineering has ensured practices such as water preservation continue to be a priority, in order for the landscapes grown and nurtured by the firm, and by Weber State University as a whole, to last well into the bright and gleaming academic future.

Are you, by any chance, a member of an institution or business, like Weber State University depicted in the blog above, requiring the services of landscape architecture consultation? If so, you’re in luck! Simply contact us at McNeil Engineering: (801) 225-7700, where we’ll be more than excited to help you and your institution and/or business, with all your civil and structural engineering requirements!