Tierra RainbowThe beautification of municipal areas is an essential aspect of maintaining livable cities and the communities contained therein. Developers or planning committees (or municipal governments or institutional boards – when it comes to the property surrounding said institutions) can’t go wrong with building and developing parks. These lush additions to an urban landscape can be immensely impactful to a city – and more importantly – to the community contained therein. Many urban and even many suburban areas tend to become homogenous and unpleasant to look at – and live in. Therefore, nature (in the form of carefully planned and cultivated parks) can perk up a place. Removing an urban area – and by extension, its community – from the essential elements of the natural world such as trees, grass, and even some fauna – can often be cataclysmic. Perhaps in subtle, non-obvious ways.

Many developers can often overlook the immense power of landscape architecture. This area of structural engineering can often have profound effects on the design and feel of parks and other natural-involved urban areas. If a developer involved in the creation and beautification of such a use for property in a city or surrounding an institution or business were to overlook that power, the park may lose its potency and purpose right from the outset. These aspects are all also true when it comes to business parks as well. Just because office space makes up a large proportion of such parks does not negate the possible effectiveness of their natural features.

Tierra Rainbow Professional Business Park: Planning

These considerations were, of course, true for Great American Capital, a developer in southwest Las Vegas, who was tasked with the development of Tierra Rainbow Professional Business Park, located on Rainbow Boulevard. Tierra Rainbow Professional Business Park consists of over 91,000 square feet and is an office and retail space, featuring, thanks to McNeil Engineering, sterling examples of the natural world. This is due to the fact that Great American Capital hired McNeil Engineering as their Principal Landscape Architect on the project.

McNeil Engineering, therefore, provided the necessary structural engineering and landscape architectural consulting services, along with the necessary planning and design services as well. We were hired by Great American Capital in order to join the landscape design team and work closely with other members of the project team. We were to be responsible for generating schematic designs and construction documents for all the proposed landscape improvements as well as accent paving in the vehicular drives and pedestrian walkways.

Tierra Rainbow Professional Business Park: Executing the vision

McNeil Engineering, in their capacity as Principal Landscape Architect, providing landscape and structural architectural advice to Great American Capital for this Tierra Rainbow Professional Business Park project, executed the vision for such a business park.

In so doing, McNeil Engineering first needed to establish what, exactly, that vision was. The vision Great American Capital had for this Tierra Rainbow Professional Business Park was for it to become, not only an eye-catching design for Las Vegas as a city and for the local community as a whole – but for Tierra Rainbow Professional Business Park to draw attention from passers by along the busy Rainbow Boulevard. Great American Capital’s vision for Tierra Rainbow Professional Business Park also involved the desire to create a design that was water-wise and sensitive to the dry desert climate. McNeil Engineering is known for its water-wise landscape architecture consultations when it comes to jobs and similar projects to Great American Capital’s Tierra Rainbow Professional Business Park, so it was a perfect fit.

We exceeded expectations for Great American Capital’s brief for the Tierra Rainbow Professional Business Park by developing the main entry into the site. Utilizing our landscape architectural expertise, we accented with colored concrete pavers and lined with 25-foot tall Date Palms to visually highlight the primary access and to create an inviting feel for the visitors as well as the tenants. It reached beyond expectations.

McNeil Engineering: Landscape Architectural Consulting Services

Are you also the developer of a park area, or are you part of the process involved with the property design and planning for an institution searching for such structural engineering expertise? Look no further than McNeil Engineering, known region-wide for their structural engineering and landscape consulting services, who can aide you and your institution or firm when it comes to the planning and/or development of your essential landscape architectural projects.