Structural engineerStructural engineers are more likely to be referred to you as the licensed professional who can help with house renovation and structural re-configurations. These licensed professionals help you with home construction and designing opportunities. Homeowners typically utilize the services of structural engineers when they require significant changes or alterations be integrated within their house.

Responsibilities of Structural Engineers

Before we dive deep into the nuances of structural engineering, let’s first take a look at structural engineers from a surface level. Structural engineers are responsible for various actions and services. They are responsible for architectural design, stability, and strength of the structure. Unlike the contractors and architects, structural engineers are in charge of exhausting the potential problems that can occur with the structure in question.

Structural engineers are licensed to ensure a building has a solid foundation, while abiding by and adhering to particular warning signs, and potential disasters including fire, earthquake, and strong winds.

Now, let’s talk about why you would need the help of a structural engineer.

Why do you need a structural engineer?

Below we uncover three particular scenarios of when a structural engineer is used:

Renovation purposes

When you plan to move into a house, and you want to update with some renovations, the homeowners should plan on hiring structural engineers. Structural engineers will assist in remodeling the home by continuing to keep the stability and the structure of the house top of mind. Not to mention, the structural engineers are licensed to meet the necessary compliance and regulatory requirements for the remodeling process.

Structural engineers know how to handle the foundation underpinning, and they also know how to retain the walls.

Altering the building or layout

There are several factors that people must consider when they want an alteration in the structure. When done, the construction requires a highly professional individual to make amendments in the layout – this is the job of the structural engineer. If you want some additional space or want to add a bedroom, or a garage, or any other space in your building or structure, then adding this design can be done by a structural engineer. Don’t be a home or building owner that gets stuck with a ruined structure due to unprofessional contractors. Ensure that you are hiring a professional who has a license for altering the layout and the design of the construction without compromising strength and structure functionality.

Inspection of damage to your house

When you think there may be some constructional damaged or home inspection required, hire a structural engineer for a thorough evaluation. They will consider all the damages in the structure and determine if these damages are severe or minimal. The engineer will also help you to decide what can be the cause of the damage that has occurred and how it can be fixed. These evaluations can be carried out in any local building or construction site by a structural engineer. The signs of the damage can include cracks in the windows, the walls, the floors, or the roof-line may have an uneven surface.

Typical causes for structure damage: Generally speaking, water is the leading cause that creates issues in the roof-line. However, if there are cracks in the walls and the windows, it can be the result of an earthquake. These massive and substantial damages in your house need a solution asap to ensure that your home is not in danger. If the damages are severe, then you need to find an appropriate solution.

In any case, a structural engineer can provide you with the best advice and probable solution to fix the damage and mitigate any future risk.

McNeil Engineering Structural Engineering Service Offerings:

  • Constructability Analysis
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Force Protection Blast Analysis and Design
  • Alternative Designs for Construction Cost and Time Savings
  • Structural Analysis, Design, Specifications and Construction Documentation
  • Field Observation and Construction Management
  • Reinforced, Precast Tilt Up and Prestressed Concrete
  • Precast Concrete Production, Transport and Erection
  • Post Tension Concrete Design
  • Steel, Masonry and Timber Design
  • Construction Products and Materials Development
  • Structural Investigation and Reports
  • Structural Damage and Failure Analysis
  • Repair, Re-strengthening and Retrofitting of Structures
  • Crane Design & Analysis
  • HUD Permanent Foundation Analysis
  • Fire and Disaster Investigation and Analysis


Seeking help from structural engineers can be the best solution for damages or renovations. Getting into a situation where a contractor ruins the structure of your home can be a frustrating and daunting task to undertake. At McNeil Engineering, we understand the nuances involved in structural nuances. The process can quickly become a labyrinth – one question becomes three. If you have any questions, or would like to speak to a professional today, please reach out to us here. We look forward to working with you on your next project.