construction administrationMany construction projects undermine the importance of a construction administrator even today. When projects have a lot of money at stake and completion time and efficiency are of utmost importance, a qualified construction manager can help streamline and coordinate the construction activities. Thus, they can help the construction reach their end goal.

So, what is construction administration?

Construction administration services deploy a professional construction manager. The construction manager overlooks and supervises the entire project, right from planning to execution.

In this article, we give you 5 reasons you should absolutely get a construction administrator for your project.

1. Better Communication

One of the most rampant problems construction projects face and suffer are communication problems among its stakeholders. It is not uncommon for such projects to undergo delays and go over budget with their expenses because of poor communication.

A construction administrator facilitates communication between the design and the architectural teams, the engineer, and the contractor. By doing this, they can quickly identify and fill the communication gaps, thereby avoiding loss of time and money. Working with a construction manager also ensures the owner that he has access to accurate information regarding the project’s progress and completion right from the start. Thus, he/she can be ensured that the project is moving along within the budget and timeline constraints and the finished project is compliant with his/her expectations.

2. Expert Advice

Most construction managers have worked and supervised across various construction roles: subcontractors, general contractors, engineers, designers, and architects. Hence, they are equipped with expert knowledge on how to efficiently carry out the nuances of a construction project. They are familiar with most of the hurdles and difficulties the construction teams come across. On encountering one or more of these problems, such experts guide the team to carry out their tasks without causing much loss in terms of time and money. Hence, they ensure a smooth running of the project in fulfillment of all its objectives.

3. Better Risk Management

There is some degree of risk associated with every construction project. In fact, the more complex the project, the higher the risks, and the stakes. In such a scenario, the construction administrator can efficiently use their expertise to identify potential risks, sometimes way ahead of the timelines. One of the reasons for this is that construction administrators define a process to deploy the project in various phases. By adhering to this process, the construction team streamlines themselves better with the expected outcome and the way to achieve this within time and budgetary constraints.

4. Better Equipment and Tools Management

Equipment costs to a construction project go way beyond their monetary prices. If work gets delayed due to malfunction, projects end up paying a heavier cost in terms of time and labor. Construction administrators use their knowledge to supervise the equipment’s health. Thus, they prevent the equipment from frequent breakdowns and the need to replace them soon. Considering how some of this equipment makes up a significant portion of the project cost itself, an unexpected project setback due to equipment failure is unacceptable and can be avoided under the watchful eyes of a construction administrator.

5. Better Cost and Time Management

Perhaps everything in a construction project boils down to better cost and time management. Going overboard in terms of either time or money is unacceptable to most clients and ends up putting the construction firm and their team in a bad light. Owing to their expertise, construction managers map out exactly how a construction activity must go through. They identify potential risks at the start of the project, estimate the kind of equipment and labor, the subcontractors needed to pitch and streamline other factors right from the start so that the project can go about smoothly in its course. Even in case of unforeseen delays and cost over boarding, their expertise comes handy in communicating the same to the concerned stakeholders in a timely fashion and solve the problems to get the project going on its feet soon.


Some industry experts still argue against employing construction managers and administrators in their projects. They attribute this argument to the fact that even with all these difficulties, projects do get completed. In today’s competitive times, such arguments come off as lame.

Now, more than ever, clients, owners, and contractors need to value the credibility that comes with a construction project and must execute a fool-proof project to stand out in the market. In doing so, construction administration acts as a pillar of strength for them.

We understand that construction administration can be a complex process, but we exist to streamline the process for you. Please reach out to us here today to schedule a call with a professional. We look forward to working with you on your next project!