Civil Engineering DesignWhen it comes to civil engineering projects, drainage plans get little fanfare or recognition, but these designs are one of the things that make modern life so comfortable.

Drainage plans keep our communities safe, they protect our homes from flooding and they contribute to better water runoff management.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at drainage plans and their many benefits:

Drainage plans and safety.

Flooding accounts for billions of dollars worth of damage every year. In fact, an article from found that flooding damages totaled $8.41 billion in 2011, and that same year, flooding was responsible for 113 deaths.

These numbers are undoubtedly shocking, but adequate subdivision planning can make a difference. Before structures can be built on a plot of land, drainage and water runoff considerations must be taken into account. If it rains, where will that water escape? How can we keep water off of the roads and sidewalks? Do we need to consider the slope of the land or altitude? When civil engineering experts make considerations like these, accidents and severe property damage can be prevented.

For health reasons.

When water collects or pools following heavy rainfall or snowmelt, it can present a number of health hazards. Drainage plans are specifically designed to address these issues, but during particularly strong storms, situations may arise where pipes and sewers back up or overflow.

This can expose entire communities to germs and microorganisms that can make individuals incredibly sick.To protect your family and those around you, experts at the Centers for Disease Control recommend:

  • Avoiding areas where flood waters pool as much as possible. If you come into contact with rain water, wash your hands.
  • Keeping your children away from the flood waters.
  • Encourage all of your family members to wash their hands throughout the day.
  • Throw away any toys or other objects that have been exposed to the flood water for extended periods of time. These can collect germs and get your family sick.

To help protect property values.

In addition to keeping communities safe, drainage plans can also help individuals protect their property values. Since regular home insurance doesn’t cover flooding, many homeowners are forced to invest in entirely separate policies that are costly and not at all comprehensive.

In many instances, if an owner tries to collect after severe damage, they have to wait months for reimbursement or they’re faced with a repair bill that far exceeds what the insurance company is offering. While civil engineers can’t predict how strong weather systems will be, they can design subdivisions and housing developments in ways that will adequately respond to the climate and conditions around us.

Each housing development that our team works on undergoes serious planning and forethought to maximize drainage and runoff efficiency. This service alone provides additional value to homeowners and the home builders that we partner with.

Drainage plans are one of our specialties

Here at McNeil Engineering, we regularly work with private and public sector land developers on a wide variety of projects. Our services include designing drainage plans for subdivisions, sanitary sewer system design, and expertise in storm

water detention and runoff analysis. With a background that includes projects in the retail, office, manufacturing, and industrial sectors, you won’t find a team that’s more equipped to handle your needs.

We will work hard to assist you however we can, all with a focus on efficiency and cost reduction. To find out more about our previous work, we invite you to check out our portfolio of work here. If you’re ready to get started on your next project, don’t hesitate to reach out. Give us a call at (888) 303 – 7700or visit our website