Clay PaversWe’ve been doing commercial paving jobs for a long time. In fact, we’ve paved so many apartment complexes, commercial centers, and so on, that we can practically do it in our sleep. We joke! Of course, we are not paving places around Utah and beyond in our sleep. We only mean our roofing and paving team does an incredible job. From both an esthetic and durability perspective, the work we do stands the test of time.

Now, the question is, what pavers do we prefer as we evaluate paving jobs on behalf of our clients? We’re very honest about the fact that clay pavers are recognized by builders, renovators, architects, and building designers for their quality and reliability as well as for their colors and textures. The unique look and feel of clay pavers can only be owed to that kiln-fired construction.

Why we love clay pavers

Seen across many public places and in homes throughout the world, clay pavers are known for their rich earthy tones that add natural character and distinction to any paving project and can be mixed to create interesting design statements. Who doesn’t love a good earth tone? This is our planet, after all. Colors that ground us in nature are both relaxing and still very much on-trend.

Beautiful, strong, striking and versatile, clay pavers provide a timeless element in landscaping architecture and design. Clay pavers add a certain level of artistry to your outdoor setting. Our contractors and engineers suggest kiln-fired clay pavers because they offer an array of vivid colors and textures that help create beautiful landscape designs and evoke a certain sophisticated style and natural beauty. You can look both wealthy and natural at the same time.

Suitable for pathways, patios and domestic driveways, clay pavers are manufactured to last. When you think of “clay”, don’t think of clay pavers as shrunken or fragile. They offer the unique combination of beauty, quality, and durability that only one of Utah’s most experienced commercial paving firms can promise.

What are some advantages to clay pavers?

Clay pavers do have some natural advantages over other types of pavers on the market. They aren’t superior from a purely aesthetic perspective. First, clay pavers provide you with a truly natural feel. Clay pavers are high-quality, natural products made from natural clay and water. They also fade far less than other materials. High temperature firing over 1100°C ensures a clay paver’s color will never fade due to sun exposure. They’ve already been exposed to near-sunlike temperatures, after all.

For those looking for more practical applications, clay pavers are also slip-resistant: The unique textures of clay pavers deliver slip resistance, even on wet driveways or pathways. This slip resistant quality can be designed with aesthetics in mind. It checks all the boxes. Form and functionality meet in clay pavers. Clay pavers are also quite strong. They are great for driveways and other heavy-load areas. For commercial applications, nothing beats clay pavers for strength and durability. Similarly, for pathways, patios and other foot traffic areas, clay pavers are ideal. Guests will also find them pleasing to look at.

You’ll also be happy to know that clay pavers are easy to maintain. That’s good news for highly trafficked areas. Clay pavers are hardwearing and clean easily. Usually, all it takes is a mild detergent and a little scrubbing to clean even heavily soiled clay pavers. In most cases, they can just be hosed down or swept clean. Quick and easy maintenance will ensure they last long and look beautiful for a long time to come.

Better value and environmental cred

For those looking to burnish their environmental credentials, clay pavers offer a number of benefits. They are environment-friendly. How? Well, clay pavers are kiln-fired products made from readily available, naturally occurring clays. No environmentally damaging chemicals are used in their production. They come from the earth and can equally return to the earth.

Clay pavers are recyclable in this way. We find that clay pavers are a time-tested choice for those who want pavers that both look good and will last a long time. They never go out of style, you will never tire of their warm, natural beauty and they can be easily recycled. If you are a commercial business, you can advertise to your customer base that you are environmentally friendly because you use clay pavers.

Finally, clay pavers offer great value for the money. Clay pavers are natural in appearance and maintain their color even after long-term exposure to the sun’s UV radiation. Clay pavers can last over 1000 years. Now that’s impressive. Want to have a look at some of the roofing and paving jobs we’ve completed over the years? We’re waiting to show you!