A wide range of engineering services

Engineering ServicesHere at McNeil Engineering, we provide comprehensive design services that include civil engineering, structural engineering, land surveying, high-definition scanning (HDS), landscape architecture and consulting services to the private and public sectors. We also offer consulting services for cities, urban designers, urban planners, and others in the Utah construction market. With so much on offer, we figured now would be a good time to go into greater detail regarding our services and what they entail.

Civil Engineering in Utah and other states

Let’s start with the core of what we do. We are civil engineers first and foremost. But what exactly is it that civil engineers do? Well, in short, civil engineers work closely with others in the construction industry, from architects to contractors, to ensure construction projects progress as they should. Many of their tasks include site surveying ground condition tests, inventory, and materials and equipment maintenance and support. Civil engineers are also responsible for coming up with solutions that take the weather and other geologic factors into account.

Structural Engineering for Long-Lasting Projects

Structural engineering of the type we do fits specifically into the wheelhouse of civil engineering. Structural engineering in this context focuses mainly on the framework of a structure. Engineers design the structures to ensure they can withstand whatever stresses or pressures they may encounter in their environment. The key for structural engineers on projects like ours is to ensure that the buildings and structures we work on remain safe, reliable, and secure at all times.

Land Surveying Where You Need It

Another big part of what we do is land surveying. It’s a critical part of any construction project. There are different types of land surveying, but civil engineers utilize this technique in specific ways. Surveying in civil engineering represents the collection and analysis of specific data regarding the land under survey. Specific measurements of the horizontal and vertical lengths between points will also be recorded. Details will be documented regarding specific aspects of the land, such as size, shape, formation, and soil. Quality and accurate land surveys can set the foundation for a successful project.

Landscape Architecture for Beautiful Grounds

Another important aspect of what we do includes landscape architecture. Put simply, landscape architecture is described as designing specific outdoor spaces that integrate well within an overall project. In our case, we design large landscape architecture projects, such as those for green spaces, a town square, municipal playground, and so much more. Keep in mind there are significant differences between landscape architecture and landscape design. Landscape architects have a degree and they generally work on larger public works projects, whereas a landscape designer often works on residential and smaller-scale projects. Landscape architects are experts in their field.

Consultation Services for Companies Who Need an Expert

We also provide a wide range of consulting services to companies that require a committed and knowledgeable professional to help them with their engineering needs. These are often companies that do not have the in-house expertise they need to get the job done successfully. Our consulting civil engineers advise our clients on the design, development, and construction of projects of all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves on offering consulting services that ensure safe, efficient, and fully resourced project completion. When you need a consultant you can count on McNeil Engineering.

Other Services We Offer

Now that you’ve learned more about the human aspect of our resources, take a few minutes to learn about some of the other services we offer. We provide a wide range of engineering, surveying, and consulting services. But these services would not be nearly as effective were not for our technologies. We use the latest technologies suitable for engineering projects.

One such example is laser scanning. 3D laser scanning has become an industry norm. Advancements in hardware, software, and workflows have made laser scanning a viable option for projects of all sizes. Laser scanning allows our surveyors to collect tremendous amounts of precise data at high speeds. We use the most advanced, high-definition laser scanners, total stations, and modeling and point cloud software to provide comprehensive, record surveys, 3D CAD models and detailed 2D isometric drawings.

We also have extensive expertise in BIM 3D modeling. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is essentially a technological solution that allows engineers to view a digital representation of a building as well as specific characteristics of its functionality. BIM is a model-based process that provides insight to help you plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

And guess what? That’s not all. If you need consulting services for roofing, paving, and even construction administration, we have the people and experience you need to ensure the job gets done right the first time, every time. We invite you to take a moment to peruse the various projects we have completed in Utah and around the country. Let’s work together!

Kimball Plaza parking lot replacement

Kimball Plaza parking lot replacementWhile we are best known regionally for patented architectural engineering consultation services – which we have put to good use on thousands of projects around the American west regional area – we also have an arsenal of other consultation expertise beyond just architectural engineering too.

Take, for example, our consultation expertise when it comes to the tricky business of parking lot replacement. This particular sort of property redevelopment can be extra difficult to navigate for the stakeholders in institutions, businesses, municipalities, and any other sorts of organizations who have tenants in buildings utilizing said parking lot. It is vital for such entities to maintain civil relationships with their tenants, while also adhering to tight parking lot replacement/property redevelopment budgets.

This is exactly the sort of instance that occurred in Utah, during our consultation on the Kimball Plaza parking lot replacement.

The nuts and bolts of parking lot replacement

When it came to the Kimball Plaza parking lot replacement/property redevelopment project, we immediately understood the owners were dealing with a very tight budget for said project, along with disgruntled tenants.

The first challenge we faced on this project’s consultation was to get the property redevelopment drawings, sketches, and blueprints approved by the local city. The client’s goal was to increase parking for their development, which would improve circulation in and around the whole property altogether. The only hurdle was – the local city/county would require upgrading the existing storm drainage system if the project changed any of the hardscape square footage.

With these factors in mind, we here at McNeil Engineering were able to completely redesign the parking lot layout in such a way we were able to maintain the existing hardscape to landscape ratio, while simultaneously adding six parking stalls. Additionally, we simplified the circulation for patrons of local businesses. Seeing sense, the local county approved this plan, and we saved the client the expense of both a new treatment system and collection boxes.

Parking lot replacement on a budget

The design for this Kimball Plaza parking lot replacement/property redevelopment project called for the removal and replacement of both asphalt and base. We here at McNeil Engineering performed a study of the existing base course, determining it was in good enough condition we could leave it in place – simply removing the existing asphalt, demolishing some existing landscape islands, and installing new islands and asphalt paving without having to remove any existing base. Indeed, we only brought in asphalt as needed to meet the modified grading requirements.

When the project’s initial bid was suddenly canceled, we helped guide the client into finding a reputable contractor to perform a modified scope of this parking lot replacement/property redevelopment project. We worked very closely with the said reputable contractor in order to accomplish every single one of the client’s goals- while staying within budget, fulfilling the tenants’ desires, and not breaking any local county zoning laws.

The client was beyond ecstatic we here at McNeil Engineering, along with the reputable contractor were able to help keep their parking lot replacement/property redevelopment project within their tight budget while also helping them to maintain a positive relationship with their tenants at Kimball Plaza in Utah.

In need of a new parking lot?

Are you the stakeholder in an organization, business, and/or institution currently searching to replace your property’s parking lot? Perhaps you’re just looking to redevelop the said property in some other dynamic, business savvy, budget-friendly way? Well, you don’t need to look any further – you’ve come to the perfect place! We here at McNeil Engineering are more than capable of providing you with such sterling parking lot replacement/property redevelopment consultations and recommendations. We can aid you in your goal of completing your desired results in the cheapest, most elegant, and most ecologically sustainable manner humanly possible. Allow yourself to finally relax in the comfort of knowing your architectural engineering/property redevelopment needs are more than taken care of.

When you need a paving consultation

Paving ConsultationIf you want to keep the exterior of your property looking architecturally healthy and durable, then it is important to maintain it on a regular basis. It does not matter what type of driveway or parking lot you have, you must take preemptive actions to protect it from harmful factors while mitigating disruptive risks.

The best way to do this is by contacting a professional paving consultant. These solutions-driven teams of experts come with years of experience and can easily outline what needs to be implemented in order to improve your exteriors among other things.

This article will take a close look at the nuances of the paving consultation sector and help you better navigate the complexities of pavement upkeep.

1- New Parking Lot Design

If you are planning to build a new parking lot, then you should consider a paving consultation. As you know, a parking lot is an important area of your property for both you and your clientele – and also a large investment. One of the many reasons why consulting a professional to discuss everything about the design properly is vital to the longevity of your pavement structure.

The paving consultant will be able to give you accurate information and guide you in the right direction. There are many involved in and are required to create the perfect parking lot design and a paving consultant is the only person that can execute everything properly while also remaining compliant with any regulations. They can also tell you about the designs that will best suit your needs. Nowadays, for instance, concrete paving comes in different styles.

A paving consultant can tell you about the benefits of all designs and materials in a detailed manner.

2- Re-Engineering Of Existing Parking Lots

If you have an existing parking lot and want to remodel, restructure, or re-engineer the area, then you need a paving consultation. However, while there is certainly no doubt that re-engineering is one of the best ways to make your old parking lot more efficient, this is no easy process.

From narrowing down the materials to setting a proficient budget, there are many things required to execute the process in a thorough and successful manner.

A paving consultation will tell you what changes you should make and what materials would be best for your area’s climatic conditions. The consultant can also give suggestions that will help you do everything using a systematic approach. Here is best to ascertain direct information regarding the finalized costs.

3- Existing Condition Analysis

If you are not sure about the condition of your parking lot and are confused about what you should do, then a paving consultant is who you need to talk to.

The consultant will come to the project site and comprehensively analyze your property. Then he will help you decide whether you should undertake a new project or just update a few specific areas.

Your paving consultant will also tell you things that you can do to improve the condition of your property. For instance, if your property needs heavy repairs and / or drastic alterations, the consultant will give you notable suggestions along with an estimate.

4- Drainage And Slope Solution

Drainage is one of the most important factors that everyone should keep in mind before starting any paving project. Poor drainage can ruin the look of your pavement and reduce the overall durability and long-term warranty.

Drainage issues can also saturate the supportive materials, which can cause severe damage. Save yourself from this problem by taking on a paving consultation.

A paving consultant will provide you the right drainage solution. He or she will provide you the right information about the installation of the drain tile as well as the slope of pavement that you should opt for to achieve maximum efficiency and draining optimization.

5- Concrete Parking Structure Evaluation

While it is true that concrete is highly durable, they do have some weaknesses and can deteriorate with time. Just another reason why it is important to perform an evaluation of the parking structure to avoid any accidents.

A paving consultant knows all the key aspects of structure evaluation and will able be able to complete an accurate analysis. He will review the documentation, do a virtual assessment, and then execute the required testing. After that, he will analyze all acquired metrics and accompanying data in order to inform you regarding measurements needed to improve the current condition.

6- Pavement Structure Analysis And Design

You need a paving consultant if you are in need of executing a pavement structure analysis and design.

Your paving consultant will use varying approaches to observe the pavement structure and also help you with the design initiatives and eventual implementations. It is the consultant’s job, in this case, to give you all the information necessary to determine what would be the appropriate layer of thickness along with other compliant and mandatory details.

Our paving consultants here at McNeil Engineering specialize in all areas of concrete:

  • Asphalt
  • Recycled Materials
  • Other Pavement Systems

If you have any other questions regarding your pavement projects or designs, please reach out to us here today. We look forward to working with you!

A smooth solution at Salt Lake City International

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BEFORE: the hazards of Delta Reservations’ parking lot.

BEFORE: the hazards of Delta Reservations’ parking lot.

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AFTER: The finished surface.

AFTER: The finished surface.


Paving is an essential, integral component of every built structure in the United States today, especially for commercial and industrial buildings. The way that people and vehicles approach and enter a building or other structure has profound impacts on safety and security of people. It also has an important effect on the longevity of the whole structure.

That’s why, at McNeil Engineering, we make paving and the exterior setting an integral part of every structural engineering and construction management project. We know it’s essential to consider approaches, entrances, exits and traffic flow in project planning and management.

In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look at one project where paving the parking lot was key.

The Challenge

After a number of years, the parking lot and sidewalk at the Delta Reservations facility at the Salt Lake City International Airport had become something of a safety risk, with settled slabs, gaps between the curb and the sidewalk, broken and spalled sections, and generally damaged concrete.

The culprit, as you may have guessed, is in the climate of Salt Lake City — summer and winter freeze-thaw cycles, harsh winters and the general wear-and-tear of a busy airport.

The plan

Delta turned to McNeil Engineering for our skills and extensive experience in paving solutions as integral parts of a civil engineering project. As with every McNeil Engineering project, we began with consultations with the client. It’s essential to determine exactly what the client needs and expects from the project.

Next, we carefully examined and analyzed the existing state of the site. For that, we engaged our professional paving specialists.

“The concrete issues were mostly due to the age of the concrete,” says Carl Greene, Principal and Consulting Manager, Roofing & Paving at McNeil Engineering. “In many instances the concrete itself was in good shape, but the sub-grade beneath it had settled in some fashion, causing a sidewalk slab to sink or a vertical curb wall to tilt and pull away from the adjacent sidewalk.”

McNeil decided to divide the project into three phases. This way, only one-third of the parking lot would be unusable at any time, and employees could continue to use the parking lot during construction.

Phase I started on July 7, 2019. Phase II began after Phase I wrapped up, finishing on Aug. 20. Phase III was slated to be completed in mid-September.

The project

“When we first arrived on site, it was obvious that the existing parking lot was flat. While that may look good when it comes to appearances, that is not so good when you need to get water off the surface,” Green explains. “Water is the single most destructive force on the planet, and when it sits on a paved surface, it begins to slowly wear down the surface prematurely.”

In total, the project involved tearing out and replacing 335,000 square feet of asphalt — that is, more than 8,300 tons of material.

The next step was to address the underlying strata, or layers, of gravel, sand and other matter, improving drainage and slopes for optimal performance and durability.

The topography or shape of the surface is critical to longevity. As Greene explains, the best approach is to mimic natural landforms to a certain extent.

“A well designed parking lot looks a lot more like the rolling hills than the prairie,” he says. “There are visible ups and downs, but nothing that is uncomfortable to walk on or drive upon. But it is very much not flat. So, when you look at the finished areas of Phase I and Phase II, they roll up and down from one side to the other, moving water off the surface as quickly as possible and depositing it into the storm drain, where it belongs.”

Each phase wrapped up with replacing broken concrete, curbs and sidewalks, shaping them for safety first, as well as proper drainage and long-term durability.

The result

Once done, the Delta Reservations facility at the Salt Lake City International Airport will have a parking lot for its staff that is once again smooth, safe and dries quickly after rainstorms.

And it will be so for years to come. Deeper changes to the design of the under-layers will help it endure the extremes of Utah’s annual climate variations.

Midway through the project, Delta employees were already expressing more than simple satisfaction with the repairs and improvements. It’s now both easier and safer to cross the space in their vehicles and on foot, as well.

Is your employee parking lot or other pavement showing signs of age, with warping, buckling, cracking and spalling? Talk to one of our paving and roofing consultants for an honest, professional appraisal and some ideas about solutions that work for you.

Profile of an engineer: Carl Greene, Principal – Consulting Manager, Roofing & Paving

Carl GreeneWhen it comes to questions about roofing projects, McNeil Engineering’s top roofing consultant is Carl Greene, the Consulting Manager for Roofing & Paving. Carl has worked for more than 15 years as a paving and roofing consultant for McNeil Engineering, rising to the position of Principal and Partner in the company.

Before becoming a roofing consultant, Carl joined the Utah Air National Guard, and has travelled to five continents. He graduated from the Community College of the Air Force with an A.S. in Construction Technology and Personnel Management. In addition, he has an A.S. and A.A.S. in Architectural Technology from Salt Lake Community College, and bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Utah.

On Jan. 1, 2017, he became the first manager/principal/partner of McNeil Engineering in the Roofing & Paving section.

Get to know the partner who’s having an impact on your roofing and paving projects:

Why did you join McNeil Engineering?

“At the time, I was pulling active duty days with the Utah Air National Guard and desperately needed a change of pace.

“My previous employer had used McNeil Engineering to do structural engineering for several projects. I interviewed and felt a connection to the head of the department, Rod Davis. Funny side note: Rod offered me the position in March on a Friday. On Saturday, I received a call from the Utah Air National Guard that my unit had been activated for the war in Iraq. I had to call back Monday and explain that I could not accept the position. However, when we returned from our deployment, Rod was gracious enough to offer me a position, and the rest is history.”

Why did you decide to become a roofing consultant?

“Roofs are a very important part of a building’s architecture and my skillset fits well into the consulting work we do for roofs. We not only design replacement roofs, but we provide contract administration during construction. That type of project management, construction management and contract administration, are what set us apart from our engineering brothers.

“We take responsibility for the successful execution of every part of our projects. That includes paving projects. I believe the challenge of initiating a design and then seeing it through to its completion is one of the most compelling factors in why I chose this career as a roofing consultant.”

How would you describe the ideal project?

“The more creative I can be, the happier I am,” Carl says. And that sentiment is critical to the success of a roofing consultant’s job. “Removing a roof and putting it back on in the exact same way is boring. But coming across a roof that has had a history of problems and complaints, and being given the challenge to find a way to put it back together so that it works better for the next 20 to 30 years? That is what I come to work for each day.”

What do you think is the major strength that you bring to your clients?

Carl brings the traits he developed in his religious mission and other aspects of his life to bear on his role as a roofing consultant. “I consider myself as somewhat a peacemaker. I have a knack for seeing all sides of an issue so that I can better advise and guide my team and clients to a completed project. Being able to respond to crisis or high emotions with respect, a level head, and without a need to blame someone for what is going on has helped on more occasions than I can count,” he says.

What are your plans for the future?

“I hope to continue to expand and enhance the services we provide in the Consulting Department. Building Information Modeling (BIM), point cloud modeling, BIM for facility management, are only some of the possible directions we could move into in the future,” says Carl.

But he also looks beyond being a roofing consultant. “For myself personally, I plan on hanging around as long as I can be useful. When the career ends, I hope to travel, serve the community and provide service in line with my personal religious beliefs.”

Have a question or a project that involves roofing, paving or BIM?

You can always talk with Carl, another roofing consultant, as well as any of the engineering professionals at McNeil Engineering. Just give us a call.

Our pavement consulting team can make your parking area beautiful!

Pavement ConsultingSince 1984, State and Local Municipalities, major Property Management corporations, Hospitals, Religious Organizations, Architects, and School Districts have looked to McNeil Engineering for their pavement consulting, pavement design, repair, and maintenance needs.

As a full-service Pavement Consulting Firm, we specialize in all aspects of concrete, asphalt, recycled materials, and other pavement systems. We can provide all of your pavement design needs, from existing condition evaluations and estimates for recommended repairs, to complete replacement design, documentation, and project management. Let’s take a closer look at our pavement consulting capabilities.

New parking lot design

The parking lot of a structure might seem like an afterthought, but really it’s the hub that everything else revolves around. Think about it: a spacious, easy-to-navigate parking lot can set your business apart from the competition while preventing confusion, fender benders and a chaotic parking situation.

Our pavement consulting experts will work one-on-one with you and your team to determine what exactly your parking needs entail. For example, a retail store or warehouse will need room for loading docks and shipment intakes, while a law firm or accounting practice will only require enough parking room for employees and clients.

Whatever you require, we’re committed to making it happen. No project is too big or too small, and we’re always looking to push our creative limits when it comes to parking lot design.

Re-engineering of existing parking lots

Is your parking lot looking worse for wear? Are there cracks, bubbles, potholes and missing pieces of asphalt throughout? Has the paint on the parking lines faded to the point where they’re nearly impossible to see? Not only does this look bad and have the potential to drive customers away, it can also lead to flat tires, misalignment and other more serious automobile-related accidents or injuries.

As a business owner, the parking lot might not be your main concern, but it’s one of the first things a new customer or potential client will see. Take action to beautify your property now. As the summer months set in, triple-digit temperatures and humidity can damage your asphalt even further.

Existing condition analysis

Maybe your parking lot looks like it’s in pretty good shape, but it’s been a decade or two since you last had it inspected. Our pavement consulting experts can assist you with this as well.

Using 3D laser scanning technology and years of knowledge of experience, they can inspect your parking areas for damage, weakness or potential trouble spots. Following a thorough inspection, they will be able to provide you with a list of steps and suggestions that you can take in order to improve the strength and condition of your parking areas and driveways.

Concrete parking structure evaluation

If you manage a major business park or multi-use shopping area, you likely have a concrete parking structure on your premises. While these monoliths of modern society are durable and resilient, they too wear down and become weaker as time marches on.

Regularly inspecting your parking structure for signs of wear and tear or other structural issues is one of the easiest ways to prevent a catastrophe from happening. Our pavement consulting experts can work with you to improve safety, fortify your structure and ensure that it stays in great shape for years to come.

Drainage and slope solutions

Rainwater, snowmelt and even sprinkler runoff can take a toll on your parking areas, leading to cracks, chips and significant erosion. However, with carefully-designed drainage and slope solutions, the risk is far less and much of the damage can be prevented. If you have had to re-pave your parking lot frequently, it may be due to a lack of drainage. We can assist you in this effort as well.

If you’re in need of pavement consulting, we’re here to help

As you can see, we know a thing or two about paving consulting, pavement and parking lot safety in general. Whether you’re looking to improve your current lot, or are preparing to break ground on something that’s brand new, we would love to assist you in your efforts.

Ask the paving consulting experts: FAQs about road and parking lot maintenance and design

Paving Consulting

With more than 35 years of experience and as the paving consulting experts in Utah, we get a lot of questions. Our state is known to have an environment with weather and temperature extremes that can be hard on paved surfaces, such as parking lots and roadways. With high temperatures in the summer that top 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and sometimes heavy snow and ice in the winters that require snow removal, road and lot maintenance is a challenge for city and state leaders, not to mention local businesses.

Today we’re sharing answers to some of the most common questions our paving consulting team hears regarding parking lot construction, maintenance, and redesign.

Parking Lot FAQs

Q. How long will a newly designed and paved parking lot last?
A. That can depend on a number of variables. Many standard estimates put the timeline for the lifespan of a parking lot somewhere between 15 to 25 years, based on materials, use, and conditions. But, with the right design and materials, a newly paved parking lot can be expected to last 40 years or more — even in Utah.

Q. I have a parking lot full of cracks and potholes. Is it better to repair the lot, or would you recommend rebuilding it?
A. When a paved lot has sustained heavy damage through wear, tear and neglect, it is often better to rebuild the lot with updated materials to ensure it will last longer. New paving might be slightly more expensive, but the longer life overall (over a repaired paved surface) is often more cost effective.

Q. Can you change the design of the parking lot during an update?
A. Yes! It’s often a smart idea to make changes that will be more cost effective in the long run. We can improve the site design, and often use updated paving materials to extend the durability of the surface.

Q. What are some of the greatest challenges that your paving consulting team encounters?
A. Our extreme Utah weather has got to be a top contender for challenging conditions. The roadways and parking lots must withstand fluctuating temperatures, such as high heat followed by temperature drops in a climate that also gets snow and ice in the winter. Not only that, but the logistics of snow removal and the need for water efficient landscaping make the design a critical component of the work we do. Also, the use of heavy vehicles and high traffic areas can be a challenge.

Q. What additional improvements can be made, outside of the use of better paving materials?
A. We can redesign and streamline a parking lot or paved throughway to handle traffic and daily use. We can also add hardscaping and green-scaping design elements to beautify, maximize efficiency, and improve the aesthetics of the lot for a more pleasant experience.

Q. Will you work within a budget?
A. Yes, that’s not a problem! Ask our paving consulting team about options for the design elements.

Q. Will you review the landscape architecture?
A. Yes, that’s part of the process. We will assess the plants and hardscaping to make water wise choices that will lend to maintenance needs while beautifying the lot — and beyond, if needed.

Q. What materials are used?
A. Concrete, asphalt, recycled materials, and other pavement systems. We use top of the line building materials and stay on the leading edge of advancements within our industry.

Paving Consulting Services offered by McNeil Engineering

Did you know? We’ve been providing paving consulting services since 1984. Our services include all of the following: new parking lot design; re-engineering of existing parking lots; existing condition analysis; project scoping and opinion of probable costs; drainage and slope solutions; concrete parking structure evaluation; pavement structure analysis and design; and much more.

We’ve been the trusted experts for municipalities, schools, hospitals, property management groups, architects and religious groups.

If you have paving consulting questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to working with you!

5 prerequisites to starting a new paving consulting project

PavingAre the parking lots or driveways at your business starting to look worse-for-wear? Do potholes, cracks or bubbles prevent your clients and employees from arriving at or leaving your premises comfortably? If so, it may be time to pursue a new paving consulting project.

While you might think paving consulting is just a matter of finding the cheapest quote, hiring a construction crew and repaving your lot, the process actually requires patience, research, and attention to detail. Before any paving consulting project begins, it’s important to get important prerequisites out of the way. Taking action now can save you money and energy while ensuring the project wraps up in a timely fashion.

Consider the scope of your paving consulting project

What are you trying to accomplish with your current project? Do you just want to update your facility, or are there structural issues that need to be addressed? How large is your commercial property? Is there one parking lot, or multiple lots? If the main lot is shut down for a period of weeks or longer, where will your clients and employees park then? Determining the answers to questions like these will ensure you have a good grasp of what you want to accomplish. It will also make communicating with a paving team that much easier.

Speak with colleagues and other professionals

If you’ve never invested in a paving consulting project before, you’re probably feeling somewhat overwhelmed. This is perfectly understandable. There are a lot of things to think about, and you want to make sure you make the right investment. Set aside some time to reach out to fellow business owners and colleagues who have already gone through the re-paving process. What did they learn? Were there any setbacks? Do they have any advice to offer? People love helping one another out, so you’re sure to get some helpful advice.

Determine your budget

Before you can start any project, you need to determine how much it’s going to cost. The price of paving your parking lots and drive ways can vary significantly depending on the size and scope of your property. Set a budget that is larger than what you expect to pay. This can help protect your livelihood if a project goes over budget or if delays take place due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Determine the project length

You can’t predict the future, but you can estimate how long a project will take. For example, if you will be hosting a convention or networking event in a few months, it’s important that construction is completed prior to that event taking place. Remember that projects take place in various phases. There is a planning period, a work period, and then a final overview. Determine how much time you require for these various tasks. An estimate is better than no plan at all.

Find a paving consulting team with a proven track record

Once you’ve determined your budget, the size of your project, and how long you expect it to take, it’s time to move on to finding a paving consulting team that you can trust. While it might be tempting to just search Google for the best deal, it’s far better to partner with an organization that has experience in this particular area. Not only will this provide you peace of mine, it also will ensure that your project is completed in a timely fashion and without any hiccups.

As a full-service Pavement Consulting Firm, we specialize in all aspects of concrete, asphalt, recycled materials, and other pavement systems. We can provide all of your pavement design needs, from existing condition evaluations and estimates for recommended repairs, to complete replacement design, documentation, and project management. Our years of experience and unmatched expertise in the industry place McNeil Engineering apart from all other consultants.

If you’re ready to get to work on your next project, contact Rodney Davis, our Paving Consultant, and Project Manager at (801) 255 – 7700 Ext. 113 or send him an email at rod@mcneileng.com

Here is why fiber reinforced concrete is great

Fiber ConcreteFiber reinforced concrete slabs have been around for a while, but they are just starting to get popular. While the old fashioned way of mixing and pouring concrete around rebar sounds like a logical solution to building structures, it isn’t very efficient when it comes to saving time or money. It isn’t just savings that fiber reinforced concrete provides though. Many engineers argue that this kind of solution provides a better final product too.

A great example is happening right now in Bellevue, Washington. A building that houses luxury condos, a hotel, dining and even retail space was constructed with gigantic slabs of fiber reinforced concrete.Usually, these slabs require thousands of dollars worth of rebar, but not this time around.

As more buildings start utilizing these unique materials, many engineers and contractors are hoping the technology and access becomes more available. Matthew Roblez, S.E., SECB here at McNeil Engineering had this to say about fiber reinforced concrete.

“I have been specifying fiber reinforced concrete in slabs for many reasons.  The most prominent is much like this article states, the savings in labor and steel.  In addition to this, it has been my experience in my 20 plus year career, that one gets a better product using fibrous reinforcement over traditional steel.  Anyone out there who is looking at replacing a driveway or a slab should definitely use fibrous reinforcing.  Fibrous reinforced concrete is highly overlooked, especially in residential slabs.  I am happy to see that a “large” project is finally having fibrous reinforced concrete realize its potential. “

It will be interesting to see if this is the beginning of a new trend, but only time will tell. Would you consider using fiber reinforced concrete on your next project? Why or why not? Sound off on our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts.

Don’t let summer storms wreak havoc on your parking lot!

Paving ConsultantsWith summer just around the corner, and the thunderstorms that come with it following closely behind, there’s no better time than now to have McNeil Engineering come out and assist on paving consulting. Don’t get stuck with a flooded parking lot or a backed up drainage system. We know what it takes to keep your parking lot ready for clients and employees alike. Here’s what we can do for you:


Re-engineering of existing lots. Does your parking lot have a tendency to collect water better than your bathtub? Chances are good it’s time for some serious re-engineering. We have expertise in concrete, asphalt and even recycled paving systems. Whether your current lot isn’t functioning how it should or you just want a different look, we’re happy to help.


Drainage and slope solutions. Summer storms cause plenty of problems. From hail damage to flooding, you never know what our mountain storms will bring. Have lots of potholes in your lot? Cracking, weeds growing through? We know how to level your pavement, address flooding issues and get your drainage system working in no time flat.


Concrete parking structure evaluation. Does your facility utilize a concrete parking structure? Worried about structural issues? Leaks? We know all about parking structures too and can provide an evaluation.


Don’t get left out in the rain! Contact the paving consulting team at McNeil Engineering, today!