Water DrainageAre you ready for the changing seasons? If you don’t have a proper grading and drainage plan incorporated into your landscape design, you could be heading forward into a season of flooding, water damage, and other problems property owners dread.

While you might not always first associate landscaping design with the work done by an engineering team – usually folks think of civil and structural engineering first – it’s a critical piece of what we do to ensure the best possible outcome for your property and project.

Our team is here to attest to the importance of proper landscape design to ensure not only the beauty of the landscaping around your building, but also that it’s functional and utilizes the best systems available to protect your investment in your property. Read on to learn more about how that works.

How Engineers Use Proper Landscape Design To Protect Your Property

Irrigation Design
When it’s time to head in to the fall and winter months, frosty temperatures make it a good time to winterize your landscape watering system. Along those ‘same lines,’ our engineering team knows a little something about the importance of having first installed an irrigation system to maintain your landscaping with a water-wise and efficient design. A well-designed irrigation system is an investment that pays off year-round in efficiency, proper maintenance of your plants, and to withstand the highs and lows of Utah weather.

Grading and Drainage Plans
Does your property have water running through it? The answer is YES, even if you don’t have a natural water source on or near your property, such as streams, ponds, and natural water under the ground. How is that? In Utah, our weather, soil and gradation make it critical to consider how water will run through your property, even if that’s during a rainstorm, after snow, or to account for drainage and overflow of nearby water. All sites should have a proper plan for excessive water flow.

Site and Landscaping Remodels
Are you finding that water drains into your basement, is pooling to create other damage, or just doesn’t drain properly? Our team of engineers can assess your site and create a solution that will save you money, time and trouble by preventing damage. We can also help you to reassess both your plant choices and hardscaping to conserve water during hotter, drier months.

Paving and Plaza Design
Most people don’t think of the parking lots and pedestrian plazas when it comes to landscaping design, but that’s a huge mistake. The way you design your parking lot impacts snow removal, drainage, and use. Plaza design can be both beautiful and beneficial. Our team of engineers can help you determine if your existing set up is functioning to its highest benefit for your property.

As you can see, landscaping design is important, no matter the season. In Utah, we expect ice and snow to create challenges. But as you can imagine, spring showers, rain and runoff during snowpack melts, and other seasonal developments can lead to unique challenges – and water damage, if you’re not careful.

Even better, we can help with cost estimating and budgeting to help you plan efficiency, and maybe even save a little cash to pay a landscaping maintenance crew to come out and care for your newly redesigned property. Learn more about how we can serve you here.