Landscape ArchitectureSome landscaping projects are simply beyond the scope of hiring a small redesigning team. Sizable commercial and public jobs require large-scale planning, civil engineering, and a diverse crew of professionals with the right training, knowledge, and skills.

Site design creation can be a labyrinth. One question can quickly roll into three more. Having a knowledgeable team guiding you through the maze can not only help your company properly mitigate any unwarranted risk, but will help optimize your project on a scalable level.

If you have a large architectural landscaping project on the horizon, then partnering with a team possessing the abilities and service offerings to take on such an endeavor, is a partnership worth making. McNeil Engineering can provide you with the help you need from end to end implementation – envisioning the first ideas about your project to polishing the final touches on the finished result.

Let us take a deeper look into the extensive Creekside Park project in Sandy City, Utah. Sandy City completed this beautiful public space in 2007 with the dedicated help of McNeil Engineering’s landscape architects.

The Creekside Park project in Sandy City, Utah

Sandy City’s Creekside Park is located at the corner of Riverside Drive and 9400 South. It is a small neighborhood park designed to meet the needs of the surrounding community. Sandy City wanted to create this park to benefit, not only the neighborhood it is located in, but the entire community as a comprehensive whole.

There were multiple features envisioned during the planning phase of this park project. The park would have a new walking trail and interpretation signs for the citizens of Sandy City. An area for a playground, climbing wall, and shaded seating areas would be put integrated throughout the park for families to enjoy while spending more time being physically active outside. A drinking fountain would need to be installed, as well as a perimeter fence. The final touches to this immense project would be the landscaping architecture strategically put in to place within the current natural environment.

McNeil Engineering’s landscape architects will get the project done with utmost efficiency

Sandy City helped fund the Creekside Park project using allocated grant money that was awarded by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). McNeil’s design team was involved intimately from the start of the process through inception to completion – from the pre-bid meeting all the way until the final inspection of the finished park. McNeil’s dedicated team helped the city of Sandy Creek envision and carry out their plans with various requirements and restrictions in a streamlined and efficient manner.

McNeil Engineering’s dedicated professionals provided several design concepts to both city staff and residents during the preliminary design phase. This led to the final creative concept that implemented innovative ideas to satisfy city and neighborhood programming requirements – and all of this was done with aesthetics and sustainability in mind.

McNeil’s group of Engineers had the opportunity to collaborate and help deliver an intimate public park to the city of Sandy Creek – a beautiful outdoor space to be enjoyed by members of the community. It is also worth noting that this project was capable of being carried out with a pre-determined budget constraint already in place.

McNeil Engineering in Sandy, UT: Civil and site engineering design services

McNeil Engineering offers a variety of services outside the realm of the project detailed above here. Whatever the scope of your large-scale construction or renovation, McNeil can help you carry out part or bring your entire project to completion. Here are some of the other services McNeil offers to their clientele:

  • Civil Engineering: public and private sector civil engineering and site engineering design services with assisted focus on compliance and relevant governing agencies
  • Structural engineering: analysis, design and drawing production from a team of professional, experienced, and diversified structural engineers
  • Laser Scanning and Land Surveying: ALTA, ACSM, boundary surveys, topographic surveys, construction staking, and other conventional surveying services
  • Landscape Architecture: landscape architecture and site design for both the public and private sectors
  • Roofing and Paving Consulting and BIM (Building Information Modelling) Services: roofing, paving, construction administration, and BIM utilizing sustainable planning and design solutions

By fully utilizing their broad scope of expertise, McNeil has the ability to construct various projects ranging from residential projects to multi-faceted and complex regional developments.

McNeil Engineering is a solutions first driven team of creatives with their focus not being on one particular offering, but rather a comprehensive set of services applicable to civil and structural engineering. Please feel free to reach out to McNeil Engineering for assistance with your large-scale planning and design needs. You can reach their engineers by phone at 888-303-7700 or visit their website by clicking here. Let their dedicated crew help you with your next landscaping architecture or engineering project needs.