The Ridge ApartmentsIf you make your regular commute driving on 1300 East and up the hill around 7700 South in Salt Lake Valley, then chances are good you’re familiar with “The Lonely Tower”. This eerie, post-apocalyptic looking structure was constructed back in 2007 as the beginning of a new apartment complex. Shortly thereafter, the real estate market fell apart and the actual building project never came to fruition. Eventually, the owner pulled the plug on the project all together and for the last seven years, the empty, stand alone structure has surveyed the area, a strange reminder of what could have been.


Fast forward to today, and the project is getting new life. A team of experts including developers, architectures, builders and us (the team at McNeil Engineering) are working on turning The Lonely Tower into a new housing complex called The Ridge Apartments.


The McNeil Engineering Civil Department did all of the site planning, while our consulting branch worked on the landscape design. The survey department is now hard at work on finishing all necessary surveys and will also do construction stalking in the coming weeks. Soon, there’ll be a thriving living space where The Lonely Tower once stood. We’re happy to be contributing to this great project, and think you’ll be pleased with the results too.