Mormon BattalionSalt Lake City, and the state of Utah as a whole, is home to a wealth of unique and interesting history. One of the most interesting chapters in the early history of our state is the story of the Mormon Battalion, the first (and only) religious-based unit in U.S. Military History.


Formed in 1846, the Mormon Battalion served during the Mexican-American War and was composed of between 500 and 600 men. The company officers were of the Mormon faith, but regular U.S. army officers also made decisions for the unit.


The group is most well-known for a record-breaking march that started in Council Bluffs, Iowa ultimately ending in San Diego, California. The journey spanned over 2000 miles, but is attributed with assisting in spreading the LDS faith to all corners of the American west and southwest.


3D ScanIf you have visited the Utah State Capitol, then you are familiar with the Mormon Battalion Monument that honors this amazing, and harrowing journey. Our survey team was recently tasked with 3D scanning the monument in preparation for an upcoming restoration project.


The data was used to create a 3D model of the entire capitol plaza, and will be used during the course of the remodel. We couldn’t be more proud of working on this project, and look forward to seeing the final product.


Preserving this amazing piece of Utah and LDS history is an honor we do not take lightly.