Pagoda LDS ChapelAt McNeil Engineering we’re always proud to show off our work. Whether we’re scanning, consulting or surveying, we always put our hearts into our projects. One of our most recent jobs was the Pagoda LDS Chapel in Salt Lake City. Here’s a quick overview of what our team did to help the project come to fruition.


To start, our team scanned the exterior of the building and provided a 3D model for historical preservation. 3D modeling is crucial to historical preservation, as it gives us a total rendering of the building’s foundation and can alert us to any structural issues that might not be visible to the naked eye. A 3D model also gives us a reference point in case any work needs to be done in the future.


After the McNeil Engineering team completed a scan of the exterior of the Pagoda LDS Chapel, they also scanned the interior chapel and cultural hall and provided a 3D model to their design team for sound engineering purposes. Believe it or not, the interior scan was crucial for the chapel’s design team in trying to minimize the echoes that arose with overflow during meetings.


Next time you’re in a building, take a few moments to look at the architecture around you. Is the roof at a certain slant? Are the windows made out of an unusual material? Think about the reasons why this might be. Architecture is more than just something to look at, often it’s also functional.


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