Welcome back to part 2 in our series about some of our amazing projects and big jobs from over 2022 and beyond. We wanted to share with you what’s been happening on some of our projects as well as give you an idea of everything we can accomplish at McNeil Engineering. Each of the projects below employed different types of skills and services we offer, and we hope you enjoy reading about them and learning more about what we do here.

Bri Village Apartments
One project our team has been particularly excited about is the Bri Village Luxury Apartments!
This adult luxury apartment community was recently completed in partnership with Brighton Ventures and Anderson Construction. This multi million dollar four-story timber-framed complex features 166 units. The apartments are stationed above a 209-stall parking garage that is post-tensioned concrete.

The Bri Village Luxury Apartments are modeled after up scale hotel resorts, and the project included many different amenities and custom design features to keep the design aesthetic in place.

Our team at McNeil Engineering provided the structural design services from ideation through construction for this project. By working together with all stakeholders, we were able to provide a cost-effective design solution. This solution was able to meet both the aesthetic and budgetary constraints of this unique project. This of course, was very important as design aesthetic was paramount for this project, in order to keep the resort stylings in place. The project was completed in August of 2020, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

Larkin Cemetery
For over 20 years, our team has had a great relationship with the Larkin family and their incredible team at Larkin Mortuary. We have assisted with civil engineering projects in laying foundation for their current headquarters, as well as surveying different properties for them to prepare for future growth.

Our team at McNeil Engineering also helps them to take inventory during ongoing development of properties. It’s been a great relationship, and we were pleased to assist them in a new project at Larkin Cemetery.

This particular project was led by Surveying Department Manager Mike Hoffman. Our team started some of the processes by surveying and mapping both Larkin Cemetery locations using state-of-the-art technology to help the Larkin Cemetery team transition to a new cemetery management software system.

We utilized drones and ultra-high-resolution cameras during our surveying and mapping processes. With this, our team was able to provide Larkin Cemetery with different sophisticated imagery, including a complete point cloud image of both cemetery locations, which we sent to Dan Cable and the team at EDA Land Planning, Larkin Cemetery’s go-to Landscape Architect over cemetery development.

The surveys, maps and imagery of the cemetery locations that we provided will allow their team at Larkin Mortuary to ensure accuracy and precision when taking inventory of exactly what land assets they currently have. In addition, it will also help them plan for the future with confidence.

We look forward to continuing to work with the team at Larkin Mortuary, it’s always a pleasure!

Types of projects we do
Here at McNeil Engineering, we provide expert services in structural engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, civil engineering consulting and more. Throughout these projects at Bri Village Apartments and Larkin Cemetery, we were able to provide services in structural design, land surveying and mapping, along with consulting and more on these vastly important projects.

Structural Design is used to design structural elements of buildings and different types of structures and buildings. Structural designers, like the ones on our team, use different engineering techniques and principles to create plans and blueprints to ensure buildings we work on are safe and able to support the different types of loads they will be subjected to. We used our structural design services during the Bri Villages Project to help ensure the building would be safe and cost- effective but still maintain its design aesthetic.

When we performed land surveying in the Larkin Cemetery project, we utilized drones and ultra high resolution cameras. Different projects might call for laser scanners or other equipment to help map the earth’s surface, measure and plot the land. Land surveying can identify hazards already present on the land or potential hazards you might be exposed to in the future. In the case of Larkin Cemetery, we conducted the land surveying to help them take inventory of existing land they owned to ensure accuracy in future planning.

We hope this has given you an overview of our comprehensive design services including: civil engineering, structural engineering, land surveying, high-definition scanning (HDS), landscape architecture and consulting services to the private and public sectors.

Thanks for reading about some of our favorite projects from 2022. We hope you enjoyed this two part series, and don’t hesitate to contact us when you have need of any of our services, in 2023 and beyond.