Pix4D For the last few years, drones have been revolutionizing the way data and information are collected on construction sites, but now there’s a new technology on the block. It’s called the Pix4D Crane Camera, and it’s specifically designed torun independently to capture site images. Data acquisition can be fully automated – with a pre-configured operating time and no human intervention at all – or controlled remotely to start and stop the system when required.

It sounds simple, but this new tool is providing helpful insight and information that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Coordination and scheduling issues are one of the biggest challenges that construction managers face. Errors often arise due to poor communication or bad coordination, which can directly affect the speed or completion of a project.

With the Pix4D Crane Camera in a construction team’s arsenal, they can know “precisely what’s happening on site – what has been done so far and what remains to be done.

You might think that a CCTV camera could provide the same insight and solutions, but according to experts that just isn’t the case. “The quality and clearness of the crane camera images are significantly higher but also data outputs differ dramatically.

Amazing, right? What do you think of the Pix4D Crane Camera? Do you see the benefits or is this something you would wait to invest in? As technology continues to improve, it’s exciting to think about all the ways in which it will impact the construction industry for the better.