Construction SeasonFor construction firms all over the country, the summer season is notorious for being a busy time of year.

The longer days, warmer temperatures and lack of school commuters make it a logical time to undertake major projects, especially on roads and highways.  Unfortunately, more construction projects means more traffic, and in turn, longer commutes.

While it’s easy to get irritated and lay on the horn, or flip-off a fellow driver, these actions don’t lead to quicker resolutions or feelings of peace in the long term. If anything, they just leave you feeling more agitated and angry. Nobody wants that!

Since the summer and construction projects are so dependent on one another, it’s important to take a few moments each morning to regroup before heading out the door.

Depending on your interests, this can look like a variety of different things. Maybe putting on your favorite Beatles album helps you relax, or perhaps sitting 10 minutes in silence does the trick. Even writing about the things you are thankful for on a piece of notebook paper can help you feel centered and redirect your energy.

Life is full of surprises, and this time of year, major construction projects provide most of them. Rather than feeling upset or discouraged, take the time to cool off and practice patience instead. Construction workers here in Utah (and all over the U.S.) will be very thankful!