3D Laser Scanning3D laser scanning is used by architects, engineers, inspectors and even students, but did you know that the technology has only been around since 1998?

In under 20 years, this technology has completely changed the way many do their professions, and has made solving problems and improving safety easier than ever.

But how can this technology benefit you, and why is it better than regular old surveying?

Benefits. Laser scanning gives us, as an engineering team, the ability to literally see through an entire structure. When you get to a job, thanks to concrete, bricks, shingles and the like, it’s nearly impossible to find out where things like structural beams and support columns are.

Laser scanning gives us data points that literally bounce off every corner, nook and cranny in a building. When we take those data points and upload them into our BIM software, we’re able to get an accurate, and cost-effective glance at how a building’s structure is faring and what needs to be done.

With laser, there is no guess work. We can pinpoint, and address problems easily with just the push of a button.

Uses. Located on the left coast? At one point or another, an earthquake will occur. If you need to update a structure, knowing exactly where a building’s weakness lies is critical to keeping not only the structure’s integrity intact, but also in protecting employees or owners from an accident.

Thorough scans of ceilings, foundations and walls can also assist in reinforcing historic or aging structures, or give business owners insight into future issues they may encounter with the building.

Contact our team today, and schedule an appointment to have your building, home or historic structure 3D laser scanned. The process is quick, affordable and can give you insight you won’t find anywhere else. We look forward to working with you.