Earthquake PreparationIf the recent 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Italy doesn’t have you thinking about the security and structural integrity of your business or building, it certainly should.

Like tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding, we’re rarely able to predict when and if an earthquake will strike, but there are things you can do to protect your livelihood and be prepared in case of an emergency.

While our team specializes in things like surveying, CAD/BIM, contracting and laser scanning, one of our often overlooked specialties is our ability to provide seismic analysis. Using a series of electronic scanning tools, we can literally x-ray your building, uncovering and alerting you to weak spots or problem areas that are vulnerable to major geological events like earthquakes.

Regardless of where your business is based, it doesn’t hurt to invest in a seismic analysis. While a majority of the quakes that strike here in the U.S. are based in California, tectonic plates don’t discriminate when it comes to where their shockwaves will strike.

Do you own a historic or older building? This is even more reason to invest in a seismic analysis. Installing a new foundation, or adding additional support to walls and roofing is an easy way to ensure a slice of history remains for future generations.

This post isn’t meant to alarm you, but merely to make you think. Protect your business and those around you with a seismic analysis from McNeil Engineering.