Land development and construction projects can be overwhelming and intricate, at best. Partnering with a knowledgeable administration and management staff could mean the difference between project bust and project success.

On a general level over-viewing the entire topic of construction administration and its individual place within a massive industry, this service can be niched down into an offering for pre-existing property owners. This consultative service can essentially be sub-categorized off into project management as well.Construction administration

Any land developer needs the organizational workflow that can be implemented by a professional construction administration team in order to keep the project both on budget and completed on time.

Service offerings and generalized breakdown of each are as follows:

  • Project Document Management: This is an optimized procedure used to confidently create and store any and all documentation needed before, during, and after a construction project.
  • Bidding Management and Oversight: The comprehensive management of bids in an organized manner in response to project development RFP’s (request for pricing).
  • Response to RFI’s and Issue Addenda: RFI is a construction acronym standing for “Request for Information”. RFI’s are essential within the industry and can be nuanced pieces of documentation. And an addenda (or addendum) is written documentation adjusting, clarifying, or making additions to a previously constructed contract document.
  • Construction Observation and Reports: Simply stated, these reports are detailed observations noted by an on-site inspector or contractor.
  • Periodic Construction meeting Administration: Touching base consistently throughout the process helps to keep everyone involved on the same page. Issues are almost guaranteed. Perioding meetings help to mitigate any unwarranted risk during project implementation.
  • Contractor Invoice Review and Approval: Invoices of any kind can be daunting and extremely meticulous at best. Construction invoices are even more tedious. Ensuring that every charge is accounted for and checked on can help guarantee your budget is not exceeded and nobody gets overcharged or double invoiced for a service.
  • Change Order Review and Recommendations: Our comprehensive review and recommendations come as just another way to facilitate the complexities of a construction project thus helping property owners navigate the labyrinth.
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance Monitoring: Do you think it’s important for the manufacturing quality and products to adhere to a definitive set of criteria that you previously agreed upon? Yeah, so do we. This is where our quality control and quality assurance monitoring come in to play.
  • Substantial Completion Administration and Issue Punch List: Substantial completion is the point in time where a construction project is far enough along that the owner can use the property as originally intended. This punch list or check list is a document that will have been previously agreed upon by owner and contractor. The construction administrator helps to facilitate this relationship.
  • Final Inspection: The final inspection in essentially exactly as it sounds. A final walk through and comprehensive check to ensure all prior documents and agreements were upheld and finalized as previously agreed upon.
  • Coordinate Preparation of Record Documents (As-Builts): As-builts are drawings revised after the project has been completed. We coordinate these drawings with the contractor of the build to ascertain regulatory and compliant documentation on the matter. Click this link for more information regarding McNeil Engineering Construction Administration.

Okay, but what is it?

A relatively simple service concept but let’s start off with who provides the service. Architects, landscape architects, and engineers all have the necessary capabilities to offer compliant construction administrative and project management services to you.

This service offering, at its core, provides property owners with compliance, regulatory, documentation, preparation, and any other previously agreed upon service within the initial contract to be fully regarded and followed through to completion.

What the contract does not include:

The construction administration contract does not include comprehensive supervision of individualized construction activities, however, project management (a sub-sector) could cover any warranted organization.

Our goal at McNeil Engineering is to “provide enough construction oversight to bring in a finished roofing, paving or landscape project on budget and at the level of quality specified in the construction documents. By overseeing the bidding process, we can help the owner enter into an agreement with a reputable contractor for a competitive price. And, our periodic on-site observations, progress reports, review of submittals and other documents, and direct engagement with the winning contractor increases the likelihood that the finished project will meet or exceed the owner’s expectations.” [Click here for more direct information located on our site.]

We understand that construction facilitation and project implementation can be highly regulated and extremely complicated. We take pride in simplifying the process for our clients and harnessing the procedural burden.

If you have any specific questions regarding your next construction plan or construction administrative capabilities, please reach out to us HERE today. We look forward to speaking with you and offering applicable solutions to your development project.