Operational DisruptionBusiness continuity is only as good as the procedural and strategic implementation set prior to the impending disruption, regardless of the severity. Either that, or the ability of the company to respond and adapt quickly and efficiently.

Across the board, we are seeing businesses and industries alike pivoting and responding to the global crisis that continues to sweep across humanity. The question then becomes, how can we pivot and systematically implement solutions that not only allow for business scalability but one that offers relief aid and immediate assistance to humanity?

We have since seen the manufacturing industry repurpose production immediately to offer materials and supplies to essential businesses being impacted. This seems like an obvious answer during times of global pandemics. What’s less obvious though, is the shift in the engineering and construction sector. Let us dive a bit deeper into the potential solutions and production shifts that we at McNeil Engineering can make to restructure service offerings and offer an immediate benefit to essential workers during this time.

The pandemic impact

While the obvious effects of COVID-19 are felt around the world, fortunately, up until now, the construction and engineering sector have been deemed as essential to continue building and strengthening infrastructural resilience.

The economy has slowed down, but thankfully not completely liquidated. Depending on the length of this impactful disruption will directly relate to the cash flow and pipeline projects of engineering and construction businesses.

The potential long-term impact will be to face a decrease in overall demand on every level. Maintaining safety, internal restructuring, and supply chain optimization will be massively relevant questions to answer in order to remain sustainable and scalable in the future.

The pandemic is nothing, if not uncertain, but the solutions come from proactive adaptation and systematic approaches. McNeil Engineering takes pride in our evolutionary thought process and will continue to do everything we can to assist and repurpose workflow to better suite the great good during these unprecedented times.

How to adapt

Companies, industries, and brands alike will inevitably be defined for some time based on what they did during the crisis in order to innovatively alter the course of not only their personal direction, but the direction on a pandemic scale. How did they treat humanity? That will be the question asked and observed post crisis.

The way we see it, there are a multitude of initiatives that the engineering and landscape architecture industry can take to thrive during uncertainty with or without a continuity plan in place. We want to consider how we can use this time to rethink and restructure work through possible digital adoptions and software advancements.

What do these next steps look like?

Possible delays and project cancellations are inevitable, but how a company pivots production is essential to operational optimization. What do these pivots look like?

  • Disruption management and crisis response: working closely with municipalities and local governments to assist with emergency considerations pending a county wide shut down.
  • Operational Workflow: Ensuring that employees and a business’s entire workforce is safe and taken care of during these major shifts is essential to business continuation and functionality.
  • Supply chain disruptions: We are all aware by now of the transportation, shipment, and sourcing issues prevalent within most all supply chains today. Increasing visibility and responsive engagement will inevitably alleviate pressure on certain suppliers or may even offer alternative suppliers to be contacted and used for product procurement.
  • Collaboration: The key to long-term success based on current issues will be a company’s ability to collaborate and coordinate with public sectors to develop plans for continued growth implementation.

Business will always be faced with issues that could alter the course of strategy at any given time. The way they individually respond to these issues are what will set them up for future success and continued scalability. McNeil Engineering has always been more than an engineering business. We value humanity and offer our services as more than construction development.

If you are an essential business or local government in need of any of our services, we are here to help. We have the knowledgeable staff necessary for progressive integration and adaptive implementations needed to bridge the infrastructure gap so widespread in our world today. Our experience with 3D printing can aid in personal protective equipment development as the demand for masks and face shields continue to rise daily. Leveraging current techniques to assist in this crisis is important to us as our outreach is extended well past our local community.

Joining together will make us all stronger in the end. If you have any questions or would like to speak with us today, please reach out to one of our team members HERE.