Paving ConsultantsWith summer just around the corner, and the thunderstorms that come with it following closely behind, there’s no better time than now to have McNeil Engineering come out and assist on paving consulting. Don’t get stuck with a flooded parking lot or a backed up drainage system. We know what it takes to keep your parking lot ready for clients and employees alike. Here’s what we can do for you:


Re-engineering of existing lots. Does your parking lot have a tendency to collect water better than your bathtub? Chances are good it’s time for some serious re-engineering. We have expertise in concrete, asphalt and even recycled paving systems. Whether your current lot isn’t functioning how it should or you just want a different look, we’re happy to help.


Drainage and slope solutions. Summer storms cause plenty of problems. From hail damage to flooding, you never know what our mountain storms will bring. Have lots of potholes in your lot? Cracking, weeds growing through? We know how to level your pavement, address flooding issues and get your drainage system working in no time flat.


Concrete parking structure evaluation. Does your facility utilize a concrete parking structure? Worried about structural issues? Leaks? We know all about parking structures too and can provide an evaluation.


Don’t get left out in the rain! Contact the paving consulting team at McNeil Engineering, today!