FloodingHurricane Harvey has been in the headlines for weeks now, and rightfully so. The storm left large portions of Houston underwater, displaced thousands of families, and will require weeks, if not months of cleanup from torrential rains and flooding.

While the damage that Harvey has unleashed is undoubtedly saddening, there are lessons that we can learn in terms of how we build and design community spaces in the future. In fact, our civil engineering team regularly assists construction crews and builders with tasks like:

  • Grading design and earthwork analysis;
  • Drainage analysis and storm drain system design;
  • Storm water detention system analysis and design;
  • Erosion control measures & SWPPP;
  • Water system analysis and design, and;
  • Sanitary sewer system design.

By taking the time and effort to perform these tasks, we provide necessary data and insight that can help protect against storms, heavy runoff and flooding in the future.

If adequate drainage systems and storm water retention areas are built into the infrastructure of subdivisions or commercial retail spaces, the buildings are more likely to withstand a battering from the elements while resisting water damage.

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