Landscape ArchitectureLandscape architecture maintenance for institutional and commercial property needs to become a priority for any institution or business. Particularly within the Utah of today, where water preservation is key to preserving an aesthetically beautiful – and environmentally sustainable – locale. Let McNeil Engineering be your architectural landscaping guide when it comes to drought tolerance and water preservation on your business/institution’s properties.

McNeil Engineering: Prime LDS Church Landscape Remodel Consultants

For institutions and businesses serious about such concerns of structural engineering and integrity – they need look no further than McNeil Engineering. Indeed, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which needs no introduction in the local area, relies on McNeil Engineering as the prime consultant on remodel and new church projects throughout the Western United States.

During McNeil Engineering’s time as the prime architectural landscaping consultant firm for the Church, their contemporary – and indeed drought tolerant designs, which we will get to momentarily – have garnered awards from both the Southern Nevada Water Authority and the Henderson City Public Works Department. Atop these shining accolades, McNeil Engineering has also been highly recommended by the Church’s own Physical Facilities Department. Currently, McNeil Engineering works closely among several Facility Management and Project Management Groups to tackle a diverse range of landscaping, civil engineering, and site remodel projects.

The Perks of Drought Tolerant Designs

While in the past, water conservation may not have been a top priority for institutions and/or commercial entities seeking sturdy landscape architectural experts, water can no longer be taken for granted, particularly within the southwest region of the United States. This is why it has become vital to seek out the consultation of firms like McNeil Engineering, which have knowledge and expertise in the realms of water preservation and drought maintenance.

No wonder the LDS Church, the top property owner in the state, has commissioned McNeil Engineering for such an important role. Indeed, McNeil continues to work closely with the Church’s Landscape Architectural Division at Church Headquarters, in order to provide leadership and direction pertaining to innovative site management and water conservation solutions. All these systems, plans, and forethought will be a great boon to Facility Managers with various landscape needs – not just when it comes to water preservation – but when it comes to concerns such as cost reduction and preserving site integrity. McNeil Engineering doesn’t just know about drought reduction processes – but also about structural engineering solutions, too.

Updating Irrigation Systems

McNeil Engineering has consulted on LDS property management projects for many years now. These property management projects have involved on-site accessibility issues, the resolution of problematic drainage areas, the renovation of outdated irrigation systems, and converting water-loving landscapes to a more water-wise xeric design.

These vital remodels, repairs, and drought preparation procedures are all a vital part of water preservation on these properties around the western region of the United States. Without them, these properties would be headed for a world of hot water – or no water, more accurately!

As part of this Church consultation process, McNeil Engineering has also developed annual R&I budgets, generated bidding packages, and detailed cost estimates. This is in order for the Church, both institutionally and commercially, to know exactly what they are getting into. And out of!

Along with all these civil engineering services, McNeil Engineering also provided construction administration, which involved the inclusion of pre-bid meetings addendums, bid opening, and site inspections, all of which were provided throughout construction and maintenance. All in all, the future of the Church’s architectural landscaping is in good hands.

Institutional and Commercial Architectural Water Conservation

Are you a member of an institution or commercial entity, such as a business, locally within Utah, interested in commissioning the services of architectural landscaping experts?

If you happen to be searching for the highest of high-end structural engineering firms in this state, you don’t need to look any further than McNeil Engineering. As we noted above, McNeil Engineering doesn’t simply take care of your standard landscape architecture needs, either. As a firm, we understand that site integrity – things like structural engineering – is just as vital to creating and maintaining the desired aesthetic and feel for your property – as choosing what color fauna you’d like lining your entranceway.

Perhaps most intrinsically, however, is the question of water preservation and drought survivability. Even such a large and powerful entity as the Church is focusing on this growing problem in Utah. You and your institution or business need to also keep these concerns in mind as well. McNeil Engineering can help you do so. Just contact us to ensure your institution’s/business’s landscape architectural needs are not only met – but exceeded!