Bird NestYou might not realize it, but there are a number of factors that play into every building project.

While major challenges like securing the right permits and acquiring the right talent to do the job often get the most fanfare, even seemingly insignificant minutiae can change the course of a construction project.

Case and point? The strange saga currently surrounding updates at the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in California’s Bay Area.

Work was supposed to start at the beginning of February, but the recent discovery of a hummingbird nest has thrown a wrench in the entire proceedings.

Why? Well, the species of bird, Anna’s hummingbird, is protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, a status that protects it from being moved or relocated until after the hummingbird chicks have hatched, and are able to leave the nest on their own.

Surprisingly, the delay in proceedings isn’t going to cost the project a significant loss of funds or time.

The project is big enough to keep construction crews busy working on other things and is just another day in the life of a coastal engineering team.

According to this article, a number of area projects have required special planning thanks to the likes of cliff swallows and cormorants.

Just another day living near the ocean.