Civil Engineering UtahWe may be biased, but we would answer that question with a resounding yes. But we’ve got to do more than simply tell you to do something. We must tell you why. What makes civil engineering a compelling discipline to study? Well, if you are interested in physical processes in the real world, civil engineering may be right for you. Civil engineering encompasses a wide range of disciplines that contribute to the physical world around us.

Civil engineers are very often involved in the planning and design of large-scale projects. Civil engineering jobs typically involve building and developing big infrastructure jobs, such as tunnels, or airports. And with all this infrastructure money flowing into state coffers for new infrastructure projects, civil engineers are in greater need than ever before. From sewage treatment plants to water distribution networks, civil engineers work on it all.

Still, not all civil engineers are involved in infrastructure planning and design. Many civil engineers work in the building process itself or related construction activities like demolition. There are a lot of different types of civil engineering jobs as well. The fact is civil engineers are in high demand.

Many career paths

Courses in Civil Engineering can be used as a stepping stone to a wide range of careers. Rail, marine, transit, tunnel, sewer, and other subfields of civil engineering exist. No matter what kind of building or construction work you’re interested in, there’s likely a civil engineering specialty that covers it. A civil engineering degree, therefore, provides you with a way to switch careers should you choose.

Leave a mark on the world

As a civil engineer, you could be building bridges and designing monuments. When amazing things get constructed, you could be a direct part of it. Civil engineering allows you to really leave your mark on the world. Put in the time and effort to move your career in the direction of large-scale, high-profile building projects and you could wind up in the upper echelons of civil engineers in modern history. The works of many great engineers will endure for decades, if not centuries, cementing their place in history.

Work wherever you want

One of the great perks of being a civil engineer is your ability to work in a variety of environments. One day you might be in the office pouring over plans and the next you might be on the job site. Many civil engineers work in both indoor and outdoor environments. And in many cases, you can work anywhere you want in the world. Of course, we recommend gainful employment in the great state of Utah, but there are certainly other places where civil engineers find work.

You’re a planner

There’s something inherently satisfying about planning things. You consider yourself an avid planner and really shine when it comes to planning a building, a road system, or a whole development. You understand the importance of improvement. As a civil engineer, you will be continuously making improvements for society in all kinds of civil engineering projects.

Get the respect you deserve

Did you know that civil engineering is a highly respected discipline? That’s right, many people regard civil engineers with a high level of respect. They hold them in high regard, and for good reason. Civil engineers are in high demand all over the world. Their work is essential for the advancement of society and requires thorough education and a diverse skill set. Pursuing this career may provide you with a prestigious job that impresses others and provides you with a sense of fulfillment.

Do you like working with others? Civil engineering is an appealing career for people who enjoy working with others. Civil engineers often collaborate with other professionals, both in engineering and other professions. They also work with professionals from outside of their energy, such as clients, government officials and community leaders. This creates opportunities to network with other professionals and creates successful partnerships with a variety of people. Networking is often the key to success, and civil engineers have ample networking opportunities.

For those with strong critical thinking skills and a desire to find efficiencies in their work, civil engineering can be a worthy career choice. If you’re someone who likes puzzles or building things out of materials, you might enjoy some of the practical applications of this branch of engineering. No matter what your reasoning is, civil engineering is a rewarding and potentially lucrative career. It’s one where you can see the visual fruits of your labors and take great pride in your work. We certainly take great pride in ours.

We’re proud of our civil engineering core here at McNeil Engineering. These are professionals who’ve been steeped in the tradition for many years. Learn more about our civil engineering services today and get in touch for all your civil and structural engineering needs!