McNeil EngineeringIf you haven’t already heard, Salt Lake International Airport is undergoing a major transformation. The $1.8 billion project is expected to take nearly a decade, with a projected finish date sometime in 2022. The overhaul will include a new parking area, updated terminals and even a remodel of a section of the main concourse. The goal? Reducing energy costs, updating the airport’s functionality and giving visitors to our great state a first hand look at Utah’s beautiful scenery.


If you travel to and from Utah frequently, you might be worried that such a large project will prevent you from getting in and out the area in a timely fashion. Fortunately, the main part of the project is to the southwest of the current facilities, minimizing a lot of the impact on travelers.


As you can probably imagine, the McNeil Engineering team has been hard at work helping prepare the new facilities. Our survey team has been at ground zero, utilizing our scanning equipment to document all of the features on site. This includes conduit, steel, etc. prior to the pouring of concrete for the new parking structure.  Our client is Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction. If for any reason they need to know exactly where something is at in the concrete, we’ll be able to provide them with that exact information.


We’re proud to be a part of this major project, and can’t wait until the project is complete. Next time you fly through Salt Lake City, you’ll be able to witness some of our team’s handiwork. We think that’s pretty cool.