Construction DesignSummertime is building time, and we’re staying busy! Are you or your company considering a new project soon? The planning phase requires a lot of time and work, and without the right structural engineering team at your side, you can quickly lose time and money. Here’s how we can take your vision and make it a reality.


Accurate and thorough analysis. When it comes to building something, there are tons of variables involved. Are earthquakes a common problem in your area? Have you had a fire or other disaster and need to know if your building is structurally adequate? Our structural engineering team has experience analyzing factors such as constructability and seismic events and investigating structures and sites after a natural disaster or fire.


Repairs or upgrades. Maybe the structure you’re looking to work on is old, has incurred damage in fires or has been through a number of renovations. We do repairs, upgrades and re-reinforcements too. Not only will we make your building last longer, we’ll also stay true to its build era and the aesthetics that make it one of a kind.


Concrete. Do you need an economic precast concrete design? Do you need a post tensioned structure designed?  Our structural engineering have years of experience in post tensioned and precast concrete design.  We are also experts in steel, masonry and timber design, too.


Ready to get to work? Contact our structural engineering team today! We look forward to working with you.