Engineering servicesWhen it comes to your next big build, McNeil Engineering has the services you need to get the job done right. We offer a wide array of engineering services, landscape architecture, project management, and more. That’s why we wanted to take a moment in today’s blog post to highlight each of the different construction project verticals we work in. Join us, and learn more about what we offer!

1. Civil Engineering

Civil engineers do a lot more than just design buildings and bridges. They work in many industries, from aerospace to automotive. Civil engineering is an exciting profession because, at the end of the day, civil engineers get to see the results of all their hard work. Whether it is a completed bridge or a gleaming new high-rise building, the fruits of their labors are visible in the material world.

There are also different categories of civil engineers and sub-disciplines. Transportation engineers represent one such sub-discipline. They work on roads, railroads, subway systems, and airports. Civil engineering has also evolved over the years. Some disciplines have faded away or transformed into something else. Sanitary engineering, as one example, has now evolved into environmental engineering.

Our civil engineering design services include:

  • Land development services
  • Site feasibility studies and due diligent analysis
  • Site layout
  • Road design
  • Grading design and earthwork analysis
  • Drainage analysis and storm drain system design
  • Stormwater detention system analysis and design
  • Erosion control measures & SWPPP
  • Water system analysis and design
  • Sanitary sewer system design
  • Subdivision design
  • 3D models
  • UDOT access and encroachment permits
  • Permitting and Entitlement assistance with cities, counties and state agencies

2. Structural Engineering

In some circles, structural engineering is its own discipline and in other circles, it is a branch of civil engineering. Whatever you believe, one true thing is that structural engineering involves the application of the laws of physics, mathematics and empirical knowledge to design the basic elements of man-made structures.

Modern-day structural engineers work with a large and detailed body of knowledge. They must accurately predict the performance of different shapes and materials used in structures and measure load stresses. Structural engineering has also been around for thousands of years, with principles of the discipline being used to build everything from the Great Pyramids at Giza to the Roman Coliseum.

Our structural engineering services include:

  • Constructability analysis
  • Seismic analysis
  • Force protection blast analysis and design
  • Alternative designs for construction cost and time savings
  • Structural analysis, design, specifications and construction documentation
  • Field observation and construction management
  • Reinforced, precast tilt up and prestressed concrete
  • Precast concrete production, transport and erection
  • Post-tension concrete design
  • Steel, masonry and timber design
  • Construction products and materials development
  • Structural investigation and reports
  • Structural damage and failure analysis
  • Repair, re-strengthening and retrofitting of structures
  • Crane design & analysis
  • HUD permanent foundation analysis
  • Fire and disaster investigation and analysis

3. Laser Scanning and Land Surveying

Many big construction and infrastructure projects include a laser scanning or land surveying component. Here at McNeil Engineering, we focus on conventional laser scanning and surveying services. We are also a leader in Utah in laser scanning, which puts us at the cutting edge of the service. Our land surveying services include:

  • ALTA/NSPS land title surveys
  • Topographic/ utility surveys
  • Route and boundary surveys
  • Construction staking
  • GIS data acquisition
  • Cadastral and retracement surveys
  • Subdivision plat
  • Condo plat

Our laser scanning services include:

  • Transportation
  • Horizontal and vertical construction
  • Forensics/Insurance investigation
  • Historic preservation
  • Industry
  • Mining
  • Survey

Deliverable modalities include:

  • Archival point cloud models
  • 2D CAD drawings,
  • 3D CAD/BIM models

4. Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is different from landscaping itself. Consider landscape architects as the structural engineers of our environment. It involves the actual design of the landscape as it relates to the natural environment it exists in. It could be anything from a town square to a pond or playground. Landscape architecture is dedicated to the design of healthy environments and communities, and to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of people.

Our landscape architecture services include:

  • Site design
  • Master planning
  • Irrigation design
  • Landscape design
  • Plaza and paving design
  • Grading and drainage plans
  • Site and landscape remodel
  • Cost estimating and budgeting
  • Construction administration
  • Permitting and city approvals
  • Illustrative and graphic design
  • Signage and gateway design

5. Roofing, Paving and BIM

If you are building a structure in Salt Lake City or any other city in Utah, you’re going to need a roof and likely paving of some type. We focus on sustainable planning and design and use only the most modern materials in our roofing and paving jobs.

We’re also Building Information Modeling (BIM) specialists. BIM is a process for creating and managing construction project information throughout the project lifecycle. BIM allows engineers and construction professionals to create a digital description of every aspect of the build. BIM allows for the creation of information-rich 3D models and associated structured data.

We’re proud to employ professionals in each of these fields that wield many decades of experience in their fields. Whether you need a civil engineer or roofing professional, we’ve got the dedicated individuals you need to get the job done right the first time, every time. Contact us today to learn more.