X-ray visionHave you ever wished that you had the ability to see through walls? X-ray vision is a concept made popular by comic book heroes like Superman, but thanks to augmented reality technology this fantasy is becoming a reality. In fact, it’s improving the way construction projects are completed in real time and is assisting engineers and construction managers in catching potential problems long before a build is complete.

How is this possible? A new tool called the DAQRI Smart Helmet. While the technology is still in its early stages, it “allows builders, engineers, and designers to take their BIM model to the construction site, wear it on their heads, and experience it as an immersive, full-scale 3D environment.

With access to this information, construction crews can now make quicker decisions with far fewer mistakes. As walls are going up, architects, engineers and other members of the construction crew can now see how components like piping, HVAC vents, and electrical wiring and components will fit inside of a structure. The detailed models provide insights that would never have been possible in the past which helps improve safety and efficiency.

In addition, these insights can help make changes in real-time. For example “an architect could show his or her model to engineers and builders on-site before construction begins, and they can point out potential issues—when mistakes are far easier and cheaper to fix.

What do you think of this technology? Would you be willing to use it on your next project? It will be exciting to see how DAQRI Smart Helmets continue to mold the future of construction and architecture.