Employee HealthDid you know that the design and layout of your commercial building can affect the health and productivity of your employees?

It might sound like a stretch, but new research from Dodge Data and Analytics suggests that “three-quarters of all building owners would like to see better employee and tenant satisfaction.”

While satisfaction is a noble goal, taking the steps to achieve it aren’t so cut and dry.

Every building is different, and so are the employees that work within it.

So, what steps can you take to improve your team members’ well-being and productivity?

Start by surveying your team members about what they like and dislike about your current office setup. Do you utilize cubicles? Do employees have to climb stairs or go out of their way to access the restrooms or breakroom? What changes would they like to see implemented? Getting direct feedback is a great way to start taking steps to improve.

Next, consider simple changes. If your walls are bare, why not invest in some artwork? A drab environment can have a negative psychological impact. Are your employees regularly coughing, sneezing, or complaining of runny noses? Take steps to improve air quality like installing indoor plants, or having your ducts regularly cleaned.

Lastly, consider upgrades to your current office space. Would adding windows make a difference? Could you invest in better lighting to prevent headaches? Is your flooring stained, or wearing out? Small additions and tweaks can both improve morale and keep your building current with modern trends.

Making adjustments around your office can have an impact that resonates in all areas of your business.

It’s worth giving a try, don’t you think?