Laser Scanning UtahOver the last few weeks, Mike Hoffman has been out at City Academy, a local Charter School, scanning. The school currently has two buildings and they’re hoping to build an atrium between the two structures in order to connect them.

Jeff Hart, a teacher at City Academy, is heading this project up and is making it a student-driven project. Since Mike has spent the past few days with two of Jeff’s classes, giving them a hands on learning experience with laser scanning, we decided to sit down and ask him how the work is going. Here’s what Mike Hoffman had to say:

What made you want to get your kids involved in learning about the laser scanning happening on site?

MH: I have known their Instructor, Jeff Hart, for a few years and he is very familiar with Laser Scanning. They are working on an additional building at the school and they are teaching their students what it takes to complete a project from beginning to end, with one of the first steps getting a good survey of the area. The class has taken numerous field measurements with tape measures. We then came out and showed them a new measuring technique, Laser Scanning. We will show them how to process the data and take measurements from the computer and compare to their measurements.

Is it fun educating the next generation about this field of work?

MH: I did enjoy teaching the students how to set up the Laser Scanning equipment and teach them how the equipment works and what it is capturing and measuring. They were all willing to learn this new concept of measurement.

What is the end goal of your work at City Academy?

MH: Our end goal is to help the engineering students understand the required steps to complete an accurate set of construction documents for the building addition at the Academy.

Pretty cool, don’t you think? We’re really happy to have been able to provide this learning experience to students at City Academy and hope we can continue doing similar things in the future.